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Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is an institution in the portable vaporizer market. This is vaporization in it’s purest form; a device stripped down to the absolute necessities. When you put this to a Pax 2 it can’t compare – can it? Join us as we delve deep inside this magical device and go over all of it’s amazing features and functions.


0:15 Components Of Kit
3:24 How To Use
6:55 Flexibility 
7:26 Cleaning The Unit
8:13 Flexibility
8:31 Cleaning The Unit


8:26 Battery Life
9:35 Heat Up Time
11:01 Taste
11:34 Size Of Toke
12:32 Harshness / Smoothness
12:57 Smell
13:21 Ruggedness 
14:03 Efficiency 
14:59 Stealth Factor
15:50 Strength Of Effects
16:32 Price/Value
17:20 Accessories 
19:36 Favourite Things
21:15 Gripes
23:06 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Joe at Magic Flight for sending me this unit to review!

2-Bit Gamers says:

Editing and reviews are better than The Vape Critic. (IMO) You deserve so much more. High quality!

Rosequeen says:

I had it, trust me after a year it gets old..the whole charging the batteries gets annoying, it's not convenient and there is combustion the batteries sometimes get super hot and burn the herb as if you're smoking vs vaping ..but try for yourself

Chris Palumbo says:

The instruction manual was entertaining??

drummingtrumpeteer69 says:

how would you compare the draw on the MFLB compared to a dyna vapcap M? I find the draw on the dynavap to be too restricted.

John MC says:

Fabulous review. Thank you!

Pier C says:

When you take the hit or the “sip” as you say, do you hold the battery in as you are hitting or let it go before you hit?

Steve Harris says:

Can you just suck on the pipe??? or does it have to be water cooled?

craigs 77462a says:

This is my daily driver. I've tried the Pax, FF1 & 2, still love the manual control/feel you get w/the MFLB.

Luiz Perry says:

I wan go buy liddat… got liddat in herb store by me.. I come for watch how you can using this thing ah… look so cool wan.. Got price so expensive but..

Martin GOURLEZ says:

You forgot to mention that this is the shit this product:
– Battery 1,2V 2400mAh 4 ~ 8hours charge: you crave a battery for a equivalent of canaçon (so personal you have to buy a charger (4slot) and have at least 7 stack in rotation OR buy their power adapter overpriced).
– The glass tube quickly and in addition.
– The metal screen is welded with lead in particular.
– The wood and its varnish also revealing toxic compounds.
– The plexiglass cover deteriorates on its underside, the entry opaque and not cleanable.
– For the battery to heat up, you have to exert a constant pressure or you call the switch servant gasket but if you fall asleep on it you burn the battery on /! Cadmium /! And rosemary.
– A difficult temperature to control which implies the rosemary very black out (T ° C> 230)

Only advantage:
– Cool design

David Fallows says:

How long do the batteries take to charge?

ari3lz3pp3lin says:

"I'm sure you've done it, don't lie" lol Thanks for such a thorough review! It's a lot of money for me but my Volcano is dying
:(( the Launch Box looked so cool to me and I've read some good reviews. I wasn't sure where you were from because of some of the terms like "hoot" but then I saw you're canadian XD Good review and I enjoyed the lingo 🙂

dave matthews says:

I know I'm way late to this party but I'm planning on getting one of these even though I've got/had loads of vapes, but this sort of reminds me of my first/work horse the vaporstar and honestly I think I'll use it more then my Da Vinci IQ lol

adil safir says:

oh and id recommend an extra 2 batteries and using a Stortz and Bickle grinder or regrinding the herb with a normal grinder

adil safir says:

i got three girls plus myself high on this, they were used to smoking but they were doing some 'cookie dance' after hitting this!? great night, also so stealthy ive done this in the cinema and at Mc D's so its very stealthy, my stem dropped and a ROLLERblader (couldnt believe how simultanious the drop and slice was) cut my stem in 2, but you can USE A STRAW instead of the stem, great times with this, just writing it reminded me.

garygwd54 says:

pretty new to this but my question is, is there any use for the used product that you have vaped?

Old Crow says:

I don't like it.
Good review though.

monkeyskull1 says:

can you review the x-max v2 pro?

Dr PennsylvaPia says:

ABV = Already Been Vaped ? Right ?

Dr PennsylvaPia says:

Ok this is not my thing anymore HOWEVER I fully support anyone who cares to indulge. That said I am a vaper. Ejuice not herb but this device looked cool so I checked it out for the F of it. One concern and I may know the answer anyway but I am going to ask… The batteries (18650 I think maybe 18500) Are they actually not wrapped ? ? ? OR are they wrapped in a clear naterieal as opposed to the colored/graphic wraps I am used to seeing ?? I love wood box mods. That is why I originally was interested in this device but when I saw a clear picture of it I realized what it was. It is a beauty.

craigs 77462a says:

I have yet to find any other vaporizer that checks all the boxes that the MF does.

Redd_slayer says:


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