Making 420 Pens with the Captain and “The Solution”

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Hey stoners. I’ve come across a great product called, “the solution”, from . These pens are wonderful. Here is a video, explaining a bit about the product, and a step by step tutorial on how to make your own.

TOM GRAY says:

no true vaper would use that piece of shit pen.

Lilboh Beat says:

2 words:

(Also… 😅 EJMix, Shatter Batter, Holy Terp, Voodoo drips- ***Do Your research by browsing some of the plethora of different safe, tested, trusted & renowned companies who are actually completely transparent and upfront about their ingredients!!! I obvsly don’t work for one or anything – I’m just sharing what I’ve personally found as an avid & longtime ‘420 Ejuice’ maker… my techniques have changed so much over so much time and even more change in the industry itself… and I’m telling ya: the absolute standard currently is wax liquidizer. Ejmix and Holy Terp also worked well for me, but lacked in flavour and had minor separation issues, respectively. I’ve never had a good experience with a single one of those cheap eBay/Amazon listings: They literally just make up a label that looks as legit & pro as possible to stick on a little jar of their cheap homemade pg/VG mix or even literally just VG, like, from the drugstore… claiming it’s another brand of the real thing.

m.w. Adams says:

terpenes are natural occurring substances on plants…if you smoke bud you're smoking terpenes…terpenes are in all dabs…terpenes are what give your smoking choices their flavor and aroma…PG on the other hand is pure crap…it's made from petroleum..that says enough right there…"Propylene glycol (often referred to as PG) is the third “product” in a chemical process beginning with propene, a byproduct of fossil fuel (oil refining and natural gas processing) and also found in nature as a byproduct of fermentation. Propene is converted to propylene oxide, a volatile compound used frequently in the creation process of polyurethane plastics (and to create propylene glycol). Propylene oxide is considered a “probable carcinogen.” Finally, through a hydrolyzation process (separating molecules by the addition of water), you get propylene glycol."…yeah I want to use THAT…

Jason Victor says:

Cook it off in a perg you'll have no butane left it's all extract. What your doing is a waste of money and time! Trust me

Jessie james says:

the stuff stuck to the vile was probably the thcA

Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL says:

👍MrRobert. You remind me of Nikola Tesla.
I want you to make a fortune.$$$.
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Youre Welcomed. 🏝👍

Zach 420 says:

Stop sayin terpenes like that. “Terpinz” Headass

sreid70 says:

This is why the industry will be regulated. We'll be buying weed for $300 per gram.

45llamas says:

Looks to liquid should be more dense

Joe Momma says:

Use the force Darth.

Dankalicious402 says:

Lmfao TRASHHHHHHHHHH what the fuck are you talking about turpentine and "terpines" not terpinns. Bro get a clue before you spread misinformation.

Ruben Scott says:

Fuck that anything that is in a pen I’ll just walk away better to suck a dick in the corner than smoke this shit

sarah larick says:

Connisour concentrates the people that make that solution brand in the video also offer terpenes

sarah larick says:

You should only use terpenes its the only organic way to go and it works as well as any of the (best) emusifiers out there

Cria 314 says:

its just not worth it…. use the time an money an go to a rec state and after watching this ill never buy one again unless im in a dispensery so sketch people beein using juul too

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