MIGHTY – How to Clean (by Storz & Bickel)

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It is recommended to clean the MIGHTY at least once a week as described in this video.

Buy MIGHTY online: www.storz-bickel.com/mighty.html

The Mess Crew says:

if i clean it like it explains
am i good to fly on a plane with it?

SkrIbbLe says:

Pro tips I was given:

At the end of your 4th session, turn off the vape and disassemble the cooling unit. The oils and resin will still be melted and liquid and you can use 1 or 2 cotton swabs to clean the whole thing out. You can also use a resin tool to gently scrape it all out and save for later. That's it. No chemicals, no cleaners, done.

Using the dosing pods keeps everything clean and saves on flower.

Replace the filter inside of the cooling unit with the fine mesh replacement in the kit, This keeps ABV from getting into the cooler, it also reduces the oil and resin buildup.

Frank Lee says:

Too tedious

magillasviews says:

Don't forget after reassembly to run it at full temp for a few cycles to burn off any alcohol residue

1 says:

Can I use Iso Alcohol? If yes for how long parts needed to be sank and what else do I need to consider doing it all? Thank you

thelaurinson says:

If you are using this device for cannabis, I strongly recommend to scrape the resin aka dab concentrate out of the cooling unit before actually cleaning it.
The resin/dab/concentrate can be vaped again and it hits hella hard!

Political Corner says:

I did exactly what the instructions said in the toturial and I snapped my mighty tab in half. Is this normal in order to remove the tab it needs to snap in half

Rational Thinker says:

forget to rinse the alcohol off and you have a flamethrower WW2 style

Darius Savory says:

You should include the filling chamber tool in the box if it's important for cleaning

nlmaster98 says:

And this my firends is, where the extra 100€ you paid went.

ben says:

is it dishwasher safe

Crying Hippy says:

If you do concentrates just place bowl upside down, turn cooling unit upside down, place bowl on screen of mighty cooling unit right side up, screw on cooling unit top slowly and vape mighty upside down, now the concentrate bowl is right side up but mighty is upside down, now you can vape all the concentrates you want and not have to worry about it leaking into mighty.
Keep Unit Straight while vaping concentrates normal way, but upside is ok to lean unit or turn on side a bit, if anything leaks it goes into cooling unit and it wont leak with the new concentrate bowls and caps. 1 rice size of distillate makes about 20 tokes, so no bigger but you can if needed.

If using lid on cap it can get stuck in there from heat expansion, wait till cool to remove or take small screw like an eye hook and screw into lid off center till snug and move back and forth while pulling up gently, I don't wait and just use my eye hook screw.
Maybe I should do a video and show you all and then ask Strorz & Bickel to hook me up with one of every product so I can recommend more tweaks and hacks to make life easier on everyone who buys and maybe they use one of my ideas in the new models coming out 😉
Healthy Vaping
Peace and Blessings

Monty G says:

oh yeah yeah

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