Mighty V2 Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Best Dry Herb Vape!)

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One of the best dry herb vapes I have tried! I like it much more than my Pax 3 even though it’s clunkier. Super smooth with lots of temperature settings. Very easy and smooth on the throat and lungs. Shout outs to Germany!

UrbanCowboy says:

Reuploaded video, enjoy!

That good ole German engineering. Big and clunky vaporizer but it’s very smooth and has lots of temperature options. Smoothest dry herb vape I have tried and the vapor production is abundant. Go Germany! 🇩🇪

A Dimas says:

Hey bro I’m really close to buying a mighty .
How did the last few hits taste at a higher temp?

Bilal says:

Great video bro !
Thanks from Paris

Ryan Robinson says:

love my mighty and crafty, dosing capsules rock, keeps chambers clean!! clouds of vapor from both!!! get the car charger and the capsule caddy!!! cheers!!!

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