Mighty Vape vs Arizer Solo 2 – Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

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These two vapes are typically at the top of everyone’s list. In this video I compare these two high end weed vapes and show you why the Mighty is still the best.
Originally Published Dec 2017, Deleted May 2018

Sovereign Rex says:

There is a slight problem with your test. You were allowing the solo to sit at max temp with herb in it. In that situation the herb is constantly cooking and dimensioning in strength. The solo is better if you don't allow the herb to sit long. With the mighty its not as big of a problem, because the heater is not right up against the herb but under it. Mighty's herb chamber is cooler than the solos when you and not taking a draw. I personally don't think either of those two vaporizers were the best option for me, I went with the Air II over these for numerous reasons.

Maverick says:

WOW, this was exactly the video i was thinking about for the last month. fantastic stuff troy, i always love hearing your thoughts on vaporizers.
the main comparison on my mind now is the dynavap m and some other budget vapes maybe like v5 nano or some 510 or all of the above!
can't wait for the next upload from my favorite veteran of the weedtube war.

Nickolas Watts says:

My mighty maxes out at 410 not 415 like you said. Thanka.

Mats says:

My man, glad your back. And A+ content as always, thank you so much!

Sausagehappymeal X says:

The mighty temp goes to 415f? Mine only goes to 410f

Rich Esteves says:

I picked up a Solo2 during the holiday sales for $138. Looking forward to using it.
Thanks Troy love your videos.

Jt Munn says:

I completely disagree with you on the solo 2

Joey Miranda says:

Thank you! MIGHTY looks like it kicked your ass hahaha, have u tried the Firefly2 and any thoughts on it?

dr. Green Thumb says:

Review the tubo vs milaana 2

Snow Monk3y says:

Thanks great video glad your back on YouTube. Only channel you can trust for honest weed vape reviews.

John Cocktostone says:

Love your vids

Douglas Lalonde says:

You're the man Troy!

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