Mighty Vaporizer V2 Review! Best portable dry herb vape

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My new favorite dry herb vaporizer! Had the Pax 3 before the Mighty and the cloud production was great but the vapor quality was very poor. The Mighty really is mighty and is the best, I mean cmon this company made the famous Volcano. The Mighty’s cloud production is unlimited and the draw is perfect. Smooth and cool vapor that doesn’t burn or irritate my throat. Enjoy my review! Unboxing video for Mighty V2(Version 2) below.

Mighty V2 Vaporizer Unboxing:

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GetSwole420 says:

German engineering at its finest! The Mighty is now my go to vape; a portable Volcano that’s very efficient and effective. Way better quality of medicating in every aspect to combustion. ?

Unboxing video for the Mighty will be in the description! Love you all ❤️?

Nick 00oo00 says:

You should change the channel name to Edibro lol

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