MIQRO vs PAX 3 – Live Stream 7/21 | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

MIQRO vs PAX 3 – Live Stream 7/21

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Americanblood76 says:

Does the Pax get you where you need to be? Old school smoker that uses a dugout on walks with my dog.

Jesus Moreno says:

Will n grace?

Christopher Moltisanti says:

Jesus Christ , picking a herbal vape is worse than buying a car,

Francesco Mazzoldi says:

Would you recommend the Pax 3 for a mouth-to-lungs type of draw? I got a Zeus arc GT but I’m thinking to move to a Pax 3

john loures says:

I have to say I completely disagree with your opinion. I would like my vape to be smaller, have more battery and be more efficient with convection. I'm a college student and commute for work so if it's a super portable vape that doesn't need and outside heating element that will be the home run vape in the market, closest things are DaVinci and PAX which is why they are the best sellers.

kevin 8039 says:

Because I work in a manufacturer shop, I worked on my iq. I ground down the air path where it takes air while inhaling, so I can rip it. Also I ground down the little nipple on the flavor chamber so it sits a little farther down in the slot. It gives a little bigger hole for air to go through, and it stops the lip from popping up when it's hot, and the air path is still pretty sealed.

Russell Taylor says:

I thought you'd use the app to show more details. You can change the temperature, change the light colors, vibration level, brightness, presets (like stealth mode, shuts off the light cools down faster), stuff like that.

Mark Callicoat Sr says:

Sneaky Pete reviewed your new Vape. I like itπŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ˜΄

Mark Callicoat Sr says:

My SLX gets the same way

Mark Callicoat Sr says:

I’ll vape with my Volcano while watchingπŸ’­πŸ’­

Bearded をレン says:

Man, you are like one of my favorite vape reviewers on YouTube.

Dan Becker says:

The micro where the box is crap. 6 reps in the battery is dead.

Tony B says:

Im liking this micro review, answering alot of my questions, thanx mahhh🀘n

xxpod156 says:

Wouldn't it be cool if the battery was on the top , in just one solid unit?

Russellwoot72 says:

Does anyone in the comments section speak a word of decent English? Seriously read this shit none of it makes any sense!

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