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Smokin’ the Finest Herb and Unboxing Epic Loot!

Here at Herb N’ Loot we will smoke some of the world’s finest grown cannabis and unbox some of the most epic cannabis related loot we can get our hands on. If you would like to have your product unboxed on the show, our shipping address is below or feel free to send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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Crazy Dago
1452 N Vasco Road #349
Livermore, CA 94551-9213

CHEERS Everyone from your friend on this end… #DaddyDago And I juuust got down…

Instagram: @crazydago

Music In This Episode By: Jesse James

This is a legal cannabis grow in the State of California, Prop. 215 & SB420 Compliant with all local laws and zoning.

Green Carver says:

Sabertooth glass 🤙

Eve Cannabis says:

lmao @ you dabbing but hey I have never either so I would be right there with you lol


dago watch for ten minutes let me know your thoughs

ToXiiC VeNoM420 says:

How many grinders do you have now you just got what 12 you should give some away dago lol

Poops 420 says:

That first dab you made was perfect, tasted good and not cloudy hot…. the 2nd one hit harder but likely not as tasty and probably a bit too much " fun " .. get some Q tips and alcohol ( dollar store ketchup bottles are perfect squirt bottles on the cheap ) . squirt alc into a shot glass, q-tip dip and while the glass is still warm ( not blazing hot.. ) you can clean it up after every hit.. . keep the glass clean every hit .. otherwise the leftover form previous will still billow and ruin the taste of the next hit ….. you can re-torch leftovers if you don't go hot enough… just suck while kissing the glass with flame and after a few tries you'll know how much heat it takes.. waste it to taste it … a grower can afford to do that !

tuxeedo18 says:

don't leave the water in the bamboo bong, it will b real gross

Phat Robs Oils says:

Nice Set of Buckets i really like my diamond Knott. That Rig is Dope Also. Would Love to Dab Collab with you if your ever in the Spokane area!

GetJexied says:

Just found this channel, I don't know how I never saw it before but I love how involved this guy is with everything he does, great channel and a great video, I hope this man goes far with this career on WeedTube!👍🏻😂

Bruce Lee says:

lol u gotta throw more wax on the dab stick.. cheers..
get that banger nice and warm..

Mr.T OG says:

Smokin the Malubu

The Mighty Spoon says:

Cheers from the south of the UK bro, just found n subbed. If you get a sec would be cool if you could check out my content too, you'll get a good look at a different part of the world 🌎🍻🌲💨💨💨

E Money The Med Savage says:

Cool video 💀👍🏼

the_audiophiles says:

oh my fave !

MedTHCOntario Canada says:

Sabertooth the shit! The live auctions the only way to go! Follow Sabertooth on YouTube y'all! U gots some learning to do Dago! Almost painful to watch. Lots of fresh gear. That's what's up! Btw, I would prob use that green carb for the thermal banger. I would use a Terp trunk for the kind of banger you hit off. It's Obvi your nail wasn't hot enough or cooled too much. ✌️❤️ Friends!

Mr Green says:

I use a timer I set it for 1 minute 25 seconds heat quartz until timer says 58 seconds let it cool till timer goes off. hope it helps cheers🍻

Mr Dab1 says:


Bingus says:

Another great unboxing man. Thanks for sharing.

matty mc says:

Dago last conversation we all had we were talking about snowboards. I use to ride for a company outta Tahoe and got plenty of gear left over if u need. I got people by u that could really help u out but its gonna have to be the company we ride for so its (academy snowboards) 32 boots, Neff outerwear and grenade gloves. I know ur busy but I'm sure we could work something out. Hit me up and ether I or my homies in Cali can make it happen.

Gro_ Darkstar says:

Lol. You the man @CrazyDago!!

Elucidx says:

The titanium nail is universal, can be used on 14/18 male and female pieces. Also if you're giving away any of those grinders I'd like to take the green one off your hands 😉 haha

GrowinTux says:

Cool rig! I remember when you'd just roll a paper around your weed. How things have changed lol (feels old)

Warnock69xxx says:

CHEERS bro, 💪👍

Central grow420 says:

Awesome 🎁👍😎

OG Slabbin says:

looks like that titanium nail is reversable. u can unscrew it so it fits male or female. and the big banger u got with the two layers is known as a thermal banger. dont let the size scare you. with those you can get real low temp. straight dessert dabs.

Kenneth Young says:

There's a learning curve you'll get it in no time, nice rig 👍✌

young shuner says:

I like to use a infrared temp gun for dabbing just line up the gun hole to the bottom of the banger to get perfect temp/hit. Just a suggestion hope it helps

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