MY FIRST TIME SMOKING WEED // Storytime Sesh // AO Vape Dima Vaporizer

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This video is intended for legal cannabis patients & adults.
Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient.

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Rachel Miconi says:

My first time smoking was weird. I only felt tired and had mad cotton mouth lol. I love your relationship with your cat. Reminds me so much of my cat and I. Cheers, Sasha!

TheLilsilva says:

Your food dishes look nice, I bet you to make some amazing homemade Japanese ramen

Richard Leiva says:

smoking some Girl Scout cookies wax cartridge! lovely videos as usual

Ryan Grabowski says:

I have some gorgeous White Buffalo

Erin L says:

Smoking on some blue dream💨

Morgan says:

Definitely weird in a good way Sasha, but all the best people are! 😊
I also felt nothing my first time smoking and my second time in high school. I was a trouble maker in high school though, one time my friends and I ran away from the school cop and principal super stoned while skipping class, that particular story is my favorite 😂

Aubrey June says:

Smoking sone presidential kush in a pineapple flavor joint🍍 Love your videos! 💕

lappy Foinker5 says:

I stayed until the end! I finished my finals last week. One of my grades haven't been posted yet though. I've been obsessively checking on it only to be disappointed again and again. It's driving me nuts!

rocknrollboise says:

Smoking on some beautifully golden Sour D shatter grown by Burnt River Farms! Also I smoked for the first time the same age as you! Either just turned 17 or right before that, and I also can't remember LOL 🙂

Alex Urwand says:

Smoking on some master yoda and platinum gorilla glue . Love you Sasha!! ❤️

ScriV says:

I don't count my first three times smoking cos i didn't get high, but god damn on the 4th time i got so fucking baked!
Love your vids btw

sasha ortman says:


Carly Bre-ann says:

Currently watching this while taking a study break, I have three finals on Monday… But thank you! Stay high!

ClassicCatie says:

Studying for finals while watching your channel

ClassicCatie says:

Stayed till the end but currently on day 4 of a tolerance break so I couldn't smoke along

Dan says:

I've been waiting for this video for YEARS!!! I AM SO HAPPY THANK YOU

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