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The Splinter
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Splinter XTENDED Stem
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Ditanium Vaporizer
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The Buzz
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Arizer Solo 2
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Arizer Bubble Straw
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SPRK Cartridges
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DabCap V2
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Little Bandit
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Strong Arm Adapter
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Today I wanted to go over a question that I get asked all of the time and that is – what vapes do I use the most often? Well this is a living list as that changes as time passes, but when I’m not testing there are certain vapes I tend to reach for more than others. Here is a look at the current Top 5 Vapes I’m using the most often these days when not testing something new!

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!



I wanted to go over a question I get asked very often… what vapes do I use the most? Of course, I test a lot of vapes, but what are the ones I reach for personally and why? Here are my top five:

The RBT Splinter for on-demand at home or on the go. It’s a dry herb vape that works with any 510 threaded mod. It has convection heating, tremendous efficiency, and on-demand heat up time of 10-15 seconds. You can use it in wattage mode, which is straightforward but requires more user skill for good results. The other option is loading custom software onto your mod for TCR mode. This is the only way I use mine.

Three reasons I use the Splinter so much:

The flavour from full convection heating is some of the richest you’ll get from any vape. A lot of vapes taste great, but this one tastes great and extracts a huge amount of that flavour in the first few hits.

The convenience of heating up in just 15 seconds is great. Loading/unloading baskets is simple, and cleaning/maintenance is very easy to do.

The powerful effects of the Splinter are awesome. The convection vaping and heat that gets stored in the heater give massive hits that’ll get you ripped.

The Ditanium is an on-demand desktop unit that’s great for both dry herb and concentrate. It is made from good materials, titanium for the metal and quartz to put concentrates on. The heater sits down inside the unit’s body, so it is much safer than a fully exposed traditional E-Nail. The Ditanium is built to last for years of use with minimal fuss and maintenance.

Why I use the Ditanium:

It is convenient. I sometimes leave mine on for two weeks at a time, no need to warm up, just load and hit whenever you want. It’s also made for use with a 14mm water tool, and I almost always use water at home so it’s perfect for my desk.

It truly does vape both herb and concentrate extremely well, something a lot of vapes claim but few do as well as the Ditanium. And those combo hits with herb and wax/shatter are out of this world.

The Ditanium is also efficient. Just a little concentrate on the quartz gives a solid hit and gets thoroughly vaped. Dry herb goes for miles with the convection heating. Just keep stirring or shaking your load and you’ll get…


Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

What are YOUR Top 5 Most Used Vapes? πŸ€”

– Pete

inesh g says:

I just use the dynavap with my induction heater and my pax 2 with my friends. Keep up the great work !!! Make more strain reviews with different vapes

theherbpuffer says:

I got the Silo but feel like I shouldve gotten this. Maybe I'll have both eventually lol

Boaboy121 says:

DynaVap, then Sticky Bricks, then Mighty. πŸ‘πŸ»

Rage Weary says:

C-250 looks awesome

Lilly And Dans Beard Product Reviews says:

Great video my dude! Man Canada looks way cooler than Ohio that’s for sure

Political Corner says:

I really mean this, thank you for the very insightful video. I love my dynavap and the titanium concentrate coil paired with that water pipe adapter is on my next order from your store

Steve Szafran says:

My Arizer Air II is an awesome vaporizer, simple to load and clean, use it with my Sneaky Pete water pieces .. has been flawless since day 1,
and I love my Dynavap, no batteries and always good vapor, keep it sneaky my friends

joshua Millan says:

Hey, you think you could review the hera 2 vaporizor?

Austin Hernandez says:

Thanks for the video Pete.

m fizzled says:

Still great that you've got your face in the vids now πŸ‘

thedinnerdate says:

I was one of the lucky 10 that got the Ditanium half off on 420. It's fucking awesome and I'd highly recommend it. The only downside is that the heat element feels like I could accidentally break it if I push the glass piece on too hard. It likely won't but it just feels not so sturdy. Still absolutely worth it though.

differenttigers says:

LA VILLA!!!!!!

Austin 420 says:

I will be ordering the splinter from your store by this weekend!! Thanks for your hard work bro!!πŸ’―βœŒοΈ

Gage Mattingly says:

Another great vid. Thanks Pete πŸ‘

DrunkenMaster says:

0:40 I love the subtle head nod like "oh shit, this thing rips" after the exhale hahaha, cheers!

Ps. Love the outdoor videos, you should upload more like that!

Andrea Andrea says:

Mighty, IQ, MFLB, Plenty!

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Always glad to see another sneaky pete vid!

My Top 5 are
1.Cloud Evo (my daily driver)
4.Volcano (for groups)
5.Mighty for on the go.

Steve M. says:

You really like the Splinter, just looks so cumbersome with the box mod and all. The Dynacoil has blown me away with how good it performs, I actually stopped using my SFV Waxmaxer pen (let me know if you want it lol). 🀘

easybake_evan says:

I managed to grab a Ditanium during the Fire Sale and I’ve been loving it ever since. Haven’t had a chance to try a dab yet need get that done soon. I use it daily and love that I can just keep it on for awhile and go back to hit it whenever I want

Eric C says:

Keep it within budget

Raiden Banks says:

I use the PAX 3, PAX ERA, AIROPRO, and VUBER.

Jeff Roy says:

I have at least 17 vaporizers. Currently I’m vaping on my version of an arizer all glass sticky brick type Butane vape. If any1 has an arizer extreme q and would like to experiment with my franken vape hit me up. I’ve perfected it & it hits HUGE! Been vaping it for a solid week & would definitely recommend. Take the 45 degree angle balloon stem. This is ur heat intake. Use 1 of ur extra bowls as well ur bowl. Now I placed a silicone joint holder on the heat in take under the knuckle so u can lift to stir. Now I also put a stir tool on this by way of the joint holder. I leave a basket screen in balloon stem to break up any concentrated heatwave to get even vaporization. Now I’d suggest an 18mm male to male dropdown adapter to lower the height I’m using a 18mm male to male normal adapter for now. Now either put in a water piece or my favourite way a j-hook pipe secure with keck clips

heinz abednego says:

i just bought a mighty, heyyy good to c ur face petey

Keith Andrews says:

Love my arizer extreme q and my solo II, also keep a c cell palm in my pocket at all times when out and about….Love your vids as always you keep me shopping for more Vapes….

El Jefe says:

el jefe es saltamontes hombre ahora

unhygienix1970 says:

My Solo II took a shit after 2 months of light use. Bought a Mighty. Never looked back

Lee Pen says:

lol @ Arizer being reliable. My arizer Air II fell over when standing on the floor and the screen died. Far too delicate. Bought another, it just stopped working one day after 3 weeks. I have little confidence in Arizer and those issues are what pushed me to Dynavaps.

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