Nebula X Dry Herb Vape

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Quick video on the new dry herb vaporizer .
No illegal substances used in this video, the ‘herb’ was actually a prop.
Purchased on Amazon for £80.
#1 Nebula x, this is my third dry herb vape and its worth every penny.

Matheo Stravlas says:

Anyone know how to upgrade the firmware? thakns for the video, just received mine 🙂

Nathan Williams says:

Got this vape today it's full on shit 😂😂 deffo sending back no instructions on timer so only get 1min to get high and even then it comes up with green light saying it's ready and as I inhale it shuts off.

N MK says:

Has anyone bought one and used it for a while? What's it like overall?

Q- Google says:

can we use
mighty dosing capsules inside ?

John Smith says:

I've just ordered mine…..can't wait lol what is it like to clean can you take apart the cooling chamber similar to the mighty?

EncoreMoi says:

He is very similar to the mighty !
How is the vape ?

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