New Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review – HAIL MARY JANE | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

New Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review – HAIL MARY JANE

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We have tested the Newest Davinci Vaporizer, the MIQRO, as its name suggest it is a striped down version of the famous Davinci IQ vaporizer. It is 31% smaller but still produces a great, tasty and dense vapor. It also features a variable oven that allows decrease or increacrease the oven capacity by 50%.

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#Raw Truth says:

There is a “flavor chamber” or as DaVinci calls it “Removable Vapor Path”… While holding the miqro in your left hand open the top/mouth piece making sure it is opposite your finger tips. Now looking down you will see the battery door closest to your fingertips moving away from your fingertips you’ll see this little square opening that is the flavor chamber however you need the tool to get it out if you move your hand to the bottom of the flavor chamber the tool is inserted right next to it.

rasheed211287 says:

would it be safe if I got another 18350 battery with higher capacity than 900 mili amps?

Cat Williams says:

I bought this one and I wish I had not. It gets super hot (you NEED the body glove to hold it, OR an oven mitt, seriously). The second battery (it comes with two if you buy the full package) keeps going dead right away so I don't even use it anymore). And the recharger plugin keeps falling off if you have the body glove on. Its gorgeous (I got the purple) and cute but the overly hot surface just makes it not worth it in my opinion, because even with the body gloove on your skin can still tough the hot metal because the design leaves lots of areas open. I will say though, that the ceramic tube mouth piece keeps the air from being really hot when it enters your mouth. that's nice.

joakoTR says:

Hey! which vape would you recommend between the DAVINCI MIQRO and the X Max Starry V2/V3, and why? ??


wow thoses accessories really being pushed…just so any potential customers know davincis's warranty policies according the their lead cs agent SAM. my device stopped working 3 weeks after I received it. when I received it I registered it on davinci website which required serial number and date of purchase I took the time to do this to get a supposedly 2 year warranty. then when I started having problems with it, before it bricked completely, I went to website and you must fill out ticket which asked all the info that you put in when you registered…after not hearing back for 3 days I went on website and chat box opened was SAM…she started asking me for same info that I already put in 2 times…I asked why I registered…oh you registered..ok…she talked down to me the entire chat…she told me that in order to honor warranty I had to send video of the problem. never was I given the option to return the device. she stated in order to do anything she had to have a video. if I would have seen this on their website I would not purchase. more of my time. you think everyone who uses a vaporizer can make a video and know how to upload it to them…it isn't that I could not supply her with a video …it was the entire thing…registering…then having to submit all the same info again to say there was problem…then to submit it again when I chatted with her and then she tells me she HAS TO HAVE a freakin video…again never did she say just send it back to us and we will send you another one or fix it and send it back to you…NOT ONCE…after chatting with her 2 times. just YOU HAVE TO SEND A VIDEO…after me repeating that the thing would not even power on anymore…is bricked piece of junk anyway after her repeatedly telling me that she was glad to help me if I would send her a video I told her to forget it. it cost me little and I already ordered another device from a different company and thanks to her they just lost a customer…TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE..some of the worst I've ever experienced!!! also before this escalated I asked them several questions via the website and got not one response.

I guess i'm lucky I received it even. after further research their website states they will not even help you if your order is lost or misdelivered…it's your loss…UNBELIEVABLE>>>read it for yourself

Tavon Fenwick says:

Where did you get that awesome wooden box?

Sam says:

Never mentioned standby mode.

Sam says:

Battery life is 30 minutes per battery.
Did you guys even read the instruction manual?

Sam says:

Oven size reduces by 40% not 50

Sam says:

"Two 18.350 900 mega amp hour batteries"
Pro research

Weeb Steve says:

Tryed it this WE, it's not performing well, hot device and light vapour

keith Gillard says:

When will this mega amp behemoth be available in Canada? I believe in miracles, Where are you from, you sexy thing!

Pablo Contreras says:

Mili amp hour not mega 😂

Mis Bunny says:

Thanks for the great review. Very nice to see the product presented with beautifully manicured hands great job!

VomitRainbow says:

When will it be released?

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