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18+older. We have a bunch of stuff from oozelife to show over the next few months today we busted out the silicone sax (saxamaphone pipe) xl dagmar, grinder tray, browser pipe, and then comet! Harry shows us how he double fires on the comet for super hot dabs! We smoke out of the silicone sax, and we load some weed into the chamber of the bowser to get sticky with resin just like when I was a kid. Lots of great stuff from oozelife and more to come!!!!! Enjoy!!!

Check out on these products and more at www.oozelife.com



Jackson Cordray says:

As of this January 23d, I can now (legally 😈) watch your videos. Gg mate, keep it up

Dave Goodfellow says:

Do some more stoner game videos with Harry dabs and Daniel Kompton.

kiddarkness59ify says:

Getting wrecked lol

Ashleigh Alexis says:

i'm super stoked you're back!!! i fucking love your channel dude!!! CHEERS!!

Lil_gothboi says:

I’m getting the bowser tomorrow 😋

Jeremy Pittman says:

The guy on the right is so fucking annoying. I literally had to stop watching because he's so fucking irritating. I can't.

Jacob Dijkstra says:

got any promo codes?

Ashley Evans says:

Love yoy guys! My inspiration for life frfr!!!

OMGJay says:


Rebekah Mergerson says:

Should I get this or the magma?

DJ Monteith says:

csn you even say that.. 8:07

kenneth hirt says:

PayEachDay.com/?userid=78195 swear the link works,just visit and leave no virus is helps me out alot guys thank you,love you jolie!

andrew andrew says:

im sure im not the first person to say this and i probably wont be the last but harry looks like action bronson before he shaved everything off

38 Babbby says:

My Boy CAME UPP? 🚀💥💥

Caleb Jameson says:


i am not bruce wane says:

I subed about 2 years ago still fantastic

Angel Mary Light says:

You both are so Hugabowl😇

Nathan chavez says:

dude can he stfu and stop coughing everywhere?? IM TIRED of having to mess with the volume swearrrr

KrakaJax says:

6:50 “got some blue cookies” “treyway” 😂😂😂

Jonathan Kuykendall says:

Dude, that was the most awesome smoke ring I've ever seen. I'm subscribing to ur channel for that. It bounced from a perfect circle to an eliptical shape, then ur hand slowed it down somehow and u blew it out with complete smoke. Thanks for that.

stevodarepo says:

Ooze products sucks!!!! Low quality dont be fooled

Bobby G says:

Shit cracked me up when he yelled treyway😂😂

BCGry says:

Customgrow420 sucks small pipe, watch my vids 🚀

Kolb Berto says:

Subscribe to my channel @kolb_berto

Anthony Morgan says:

Do you sale bud might want some bro lol

Nathan Boliew says:

Harry is high asf😂😂 love ya guys aha

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