How to Clean the best dry herb vaporizer on the market, the AirVape X 1. Remove the mouthpiece from the vaporizer 2. Take apart the mouthpiece 3. Soak the ceramic mouthpiece, ceramic airflow box, food [More]
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18+older. This portable concentrate vaporizer is awesome! The size makes it awesome for portability and makes dabbing on the go easy. The unit has 4 temp settings and is easily changed and ready for whatever [More]
Ghost MV1 Bubble Straw 🇺🇸 – 🇨🇦 –
The Firefly 2 is currently our favorite portable vaporizer on the market. Awesome vapor quality, highly portable, quick charging, user replaceable batteries, and many other things make it so great. We hope you enjoy our [More]
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Some of my fav hits captured on camera, there’s nothing else it it’s league for on demand portable vapes
✔️ Hawkeye Firefly Micro 2: ✔️ @ Amazon EU: 👇Expand the description for MORE information and links👇 =================================================== #firefly #actioncam #tech4all 💻🖥 Want to stay safe from hackers, remain anonymous online and access [More]