Just myself vaping a little & showing off a great vaporizer. #vaporizer, #marijuana, #Storz & Bickel, #disabled, #Rottwieler,
The Exxus Snap is a nifty little device that can be loaded with your own concentrates or it can make use of prefilled carts from dispensaries! What sets the Snap apart from other mini boxmods [More]
Review of the Evolve Wax Vape Pen from Yocan. www.yocantech.com. To enter contest for an Evolve Wax Pen just make a happy comment below and add #Evolve. Funny….that vape was so big I called it [More]
Learn about the vaporin review vaporizer here: shopping.buzztala.com/vaporin_review_vaporizer/54f07077cc4bd0153ac7b99a If you’re looking for great Vape products, here’s what you need to know about the from Vaporin: • enjoy rich full flavored e-cigarettes • none of the [More]
This is by far the best wax pen we have experienced to date. This thing hits like a rig! It uses dual quartz coils in a very deep stainless steel cup and fires at 0.9 [More]
Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay Trailer Dinosaur Games Gamescom 2015 (Xbox One:PS4:PC)
Read here best.ebook4share.us/?book=1499756747 Read ‪Vaporizer Cookbook: Drinks & Mixed Drinks (Volume 2)‬ PDF Free
My name is Nick, and I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in Nevada, NRS 435a compliant. This channel is for adults and patients 18 years and over!! www.instagram.com/renegadecannabiscompany/ www.instagram.com/errlystar_/ www.instagram.com/vaderextractsnevada/ THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Stay tuned [More]
TOPIC: This my review of the AirVape X, the best portable weed vaporizer! This vaporizer does concentrates and herb. I already had the Apollo AirVape XS (the smaller version of this), which ended up being [More]
Today we’re going to review the Arizer Solo II, one of the latest products from Arizer Tech, a well-known Canadian vaporizer manufacturer. Why is Arizer Solo II so special? First of all, it’s very efficient [More]