18+older. We have my neighbor Joe over here and he wants to train for the one gram dab challenge.. We are going to film his training sessions to see his progression. Joe has been dabbing [More]
drunk out of his mind, he put up a challenge. & having never done it before, he doesn’t know you DON’T ever touch a rig nail
Thanks to the heroes of YouTube (or bots), our dab fail series has been deemed “not suitable for advertising”. This is NOT the end of the dab fail series. Instead we are taking it as [More]
Thank you SO MUCH for 20k subscribers! I was going to attempt to do a whole half gram but after that quater gram I was pretty much KO’d. This would be MUCH easier with an [More]
Kid takes fat dab on the freeway and coughs his lungs out! TEARS OF JOY!!! Berry white wax.Also EMHBXQ use this invite code on the Mercari app available in google and apple App Store to [More]
www.Studio420.co – Come Visit us! 21+ Members Only Cannabis Friendly Pipe & Tobacco Shop watch this world record Dab done at @studio420 on a dual 50mm hater keg by @pukinbeagle on the XXXL jammer by [More]
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Back To The Future Vaporizer Pen 2 in 1 vape pen & enail review
www.vapornation.com/ascent-vaporizer.html – The Ascent by DaVinci is a brand new portable vaporizer that is compatible with dry blends, waxes and oils. The Ascent runs off an internal heating element and features a glass-on-glass vapor path [More]