Once again a huge thank you to yocan for reaching out to me to be one of the first stoners to give this device a crack ! 10/10 from the yaes !! Links below to [More]
Buy directly from PAX: vape-link.us/pax-3 Full PAX 3 review: thevape.guide/pax-3-review/ SLX Grinder: Vape-Smart- vape-link.us/slx-grinder use TVG10 to save 10% Amazon- vape-link.us/slx PAX 3 Review bottom line: Overall the PAX 3 is a top-shelf vaporizer with [More]
Vaping is smoking’s hottest new trend–just ask Leonardo DiCarpio who was caught puffing on one at the Golden Globes. The industry claims this is a safe alternative to cigarettes, but how much do we really [More]
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Great little device from Yocan as always! Perfect for on the go stoners who love concentrates, oil, or ejuice. Thank you to Yocan for always hooking me up with products to review and make videos [More]
www.davincivaporizer.com – In this new episode of “You Can Vape What?!”, we got first-timer guys vape Thyme and Essential Earth Blends and their reactions will shock you. Watch it now! 8 people. Thyme. And EEB. [More]
This is a dry herb conduction based vaporizer from www.airistech.com imo this is the pax killer, its cheaper much more durable, taste and battery life is outstanding plus 20 second heat up time you can’t [More]
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