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In this video Matt is reviewing the Ghost MV1 Portable Vaporizer. This on demand full convection portable vaporizer is a unique herbal vape that does take a little time to get used to. Once you [More]
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Link: We just got the Yocan 2.0 in the shop and wanted to give y’all a quick look at it. This is a pod system that comes with 3 different pods that are easily [More]
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Here’s an unboxing, test, and review of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax/Concentrate Vaporizer Pen by @shivnibble, available from 180 Smoke at The slightly smaller Evolve Plus is also available at For more [More]
VAPE PEN FOR MARIJUANA WAX, SHATTER, BUTTER, & DABS! This video will show you how I use a vape pen for marijuana wax, shatter, butter, & oil dabs. Vaping is a much better way of [More]
Today I was taking dabs off of my vale code e nail that I got from AmazonIt’s about to hit two years and it is still working like a champ and hasn’t given up on [More]
The homies Phil and Peter over at Perfect Temp decided to hook me up with one of their perfect temp electric nail units to review on my channel and to help promote their product Check [More]