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Yocan Thor: The Yocan Thor portable e-nail is seriously awesome! Not only does it use Nero Technology, there is no cut off and the chamber is HUGE! It is pretty awesome, I haven’t tried [More]
Tonight I sesh on an E-nail that we’ve been using for a few months now and It’s had great uses as well as some frustrating incidences! The Pros and Cons to using an E-nail to [More]
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The Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower Bubbler Bundle allows your to turn your existing Extreme Q or V-Tower into a water-filtration moisture conditioned cloud machine! For more details see
Every marijuana consumer has his or her preferred way of ingesting cannabis whether is be a joint, pipe, bong, vape, or edible. Vape pens are a portable and popular way to consume marijuana, so much [More]
DaVinci Resolve Color Demo in 20 Seconds
Clean out solids tips. Learn how to clean your G Pens well.
This video is for 18 years or older audiences. Viewers discretion is advised. Wassup sticks, it’s fogwoods. Today I wanted to get another video up so I figured I’d get this review up. Loving the [More]
The new modernised herb smoking device. Buy Now: Smoke Herbs like a boss. The iPhone grade Herb smoker Stop smoking rolled papers. Feel confident using an e-smoker. to smoke the got damn weed. Now [More]