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Hope ya enjoyed the review of this great vaporizer. If ya want to purchase this vape heres the link www.planetofthevapes.com/products/arizer-air?rfsn=1089011.7113dc&rfsn=1089011.7113dc
How to use the Arizer Air Vaporizer | Planet of the Vapes Purchase your Arizer Air Vaporizer and accessories here: potv.life/2ywsZml Video transcript: This is the Planet of the Vapes Arizer Air quickstart guide, where [More]
www.420science.com/pages/search-results?q=arizer We’ve heard a love of talk around the internet about how good this large handheld vaporizer was so we decided to test it out ourselves and we really enjoyed the results. The Solo 2 [More]
The guys over at yocan sent over there evolve plus xl!! This thing has 4 quartz coils!! It puts out clouds like I like!! Oooowwwweeee I would definitely suggest picking one of these up!! Check [More]
Our girl Hannah is back with us and we picked up a new vape pen from Jackie’s work!!! We are super excited about it so we thought we would share for todays WEED WEDNESDAY. Out [More]
first product review!!!!! so stoked!!! so i’m checking out the evolve plus from yocan. this unit is a beast! dual quartz coil, 1100mah battery, great cloud production, and amazing flavor. hope you liked the video. [More]
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