How to use the AirVape Xs Water Bong adapter and attachment for the smoothest hit! 1. Remove the AirVape Xs mouthpiece from the dry herb vaporizer 2. Remove only the glass mouthpiece from the food [More]
In this video I compare the Davinci IQ with the Davinci Miqro. Both of these dry herb vaporizers are made by Davinci. They’re both ultra portable weed vapes with removable batteries. IQ: MIQRO:
Become a Member!: Merch: =======NOTHING FOR SALE====18/21+================ A slight overview of my favorite device on the market right now, the Puffco Plus! Cut me a mf check Puffco!!! Business Email: [email protected] TWITCH: [More]
PAX2 from PAXVAPOR and Ploom I received it used it now for a couple of days.. i use it for anxiety.. so it got a good testing because i was anxious about something … It [More]
Where no camera has gone before. Namaste technologies was invited into the new Storz and Bickel factory. Jesse Lavoie made the journey to Germany to capture this exclusive experience on camera Instead of a live [More]
The two most common heating styles when we look at herb vaping are conduction and convection heating, which refer to whether or not the herb comes into contact with the heating element. Check out the [More]
Check out NamasteVapes, my only Keeping true to form of my first video review on the Firefly no jump cuts no editing straight raw uncut. By the time i lwt this video upload i [More]
Lexi from Tools420 shares her vaporizer review of the Firefly 2+ (Plus) vs Firefly 2. The Firefly 2+ (Plus) is the upgraded version of the Firefly 2. The major differences between these devices are the [More]
I wanted something cool that I could fill with my own vape juice. Kandy Pens “RUBI” is want I stumbled on. You can pick one up at use my referral code for 5% off: [More]