We bought a Fake Da Vinci IQ. Some of the parts were noticeably different, some were spot on. ————————————————————————————————————— Check our blog for a full comparison of the Da Vinci IQ: blog.puffitup.com/2017/10/fake-davinci-iq-always-buy-authorized/ Join us on [More]
So I picked up a Pax 2 on eBay for $180 and free shipping! What a good deal, right? Wrong! Take a look to see some of the major differences between a real and a [More]
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The Black Mamba! One of the most highly anticipated machines that Namastevapes has ever seen! This dry herb, conduction vaporizer, with a very interesting design and even more interesting mechanics, has taken the vaping world [More]
Davincivaporizer.com have sold more than 220,000 vaporizers worldwide and people love it! Why? Because it’s the most advanced vaporizer in the market and with it’s all-glass pathway and superior battery life, the DaVinci is the [More]
www.davincivaporizer.com – Let’s take a look at this accessory – the DaVinci nectar collector honeybird core for your IQ. Click now to see video! The nectar collector honeybird core is a universal water filteration attachment [More]
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TVape takes you through the unboxing and operation of the DaVinci Ascent. Read on to find out more! To jump to a specific section of the video, click the time below: Ascent Vaporizer 0:06 Accessories [More]