Part 2: Davinci ‘Ascent’ Portable Vaporizer Review – First Use With Concentrates

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In this part 2 of the Davinci Ascent Review, I show my first time using the Davinci with a dab of Concentrates. Buy a Davinci Ascent at The VapeLife Store: – Also, make sure to visit: & for toys ~VapeLife Baby!

Johnnyboi1971 says:

i just put the screen down loaded with hash that i would normally put in a joint,put the other screen on top,i do 3 settings 200.c 207.c and 214c,works for me 🙂

Vapey Gooner says:

Mine works just fine( haven't tried oils yet) try using your da Vinci with a water bubbler if you want bigger clouds.

Lindsay Fitzpatrick says:

Go Crafty all the way. Davinci customer service blows. They have been blowing me off for over a month. Ive sent my units to them to obtain the warranty and they just cant seem to fix them or whatever it is they are doing. My Crafty broke too, but S&B have their shit together and just sent me a new one. Which is kinda how I feel Davinci should have handled my situation. Not trying to get something for free, but damn S&B got yall beat down… So BEAT DOWN!!! Dont waste your time and hard earned $$$ folks get a CRAFTY… You thank me later… Pinky Promise!#dont get suckerd by Davinci

felix godoy franco says:

Jajajja como disfrutaste… Q genial la degustacion

fylde_coast_pies says:

Hmmm. I get the feeling that everyone's being polite when it comes to the Ascent. I was exactly the same myself and here's why.
As soon as you take it out of the box, it appears to tick all the boxes. Great looks, Quality feel, Convenient size, Great temperature range, Great temperature control, All glass pathway and the ability to be able to vape concentrates. 
And here's why, imo it disappoints. First off, the glass mouthpiece is very delicate and is relatively easy to break. You only get two so you need to be careful. I also found that the inner section of the pathway quickly starts to clog up. Nothing out of the ordinary there but it's a pain in the arse to clean properly.
Before using the unit for the first time, I cranked it up full and left it on for about 10 minutes to burn off any manufacturing residues but in use I could detect that silicone taste. Even after several sessions, I could still detect it. It's a pity because as for delivering flavour the Ascent scores very high. Vaping concentrates is a bit hit and miss. Without using the lid, I found that oil bubbled over the side of the bowl and shit up the heating chamber. BHO was a bit more stable with it being more viscous when heated but even still, the vapour it delivers was very thin and disappointing. Don't even bother using the lid it makes it worse.
You can adjust the temperature up to a maximum of 430 degree's. When vaping herb you'd expect it to produce great clouds of vapour but again I found it to be pretty unspectacular. Always using it with a full chamber, I packed it loose and I packed it tight but either way I found it to be disappointing. Don't know why because on the face of it the design is pretty straightforward. 
Just to finish, it heats up using conduction and although your herbs don't combust, the Ascent really give's your weed a proper roasting. You'll quickly notice that the smell the unit gives off is quite strong and to be honest it isn't the best smell in the world. For all it's promise I felt that the Ascent was quite poor and after a couple of weeks I ditched it in favour of Storz & Bickel's Crafty. My only complaint with the Crafty is that it's that good I can't put it down and I'm going through my stash faster than ever 🙂

nakedtreepunk says:

I'm about to dab for my first time and my ascent is all I've got for it. Your video was the first one to actually show temp and loading and whatnot. Thanks for helping me out!

Sigmundy Freud says:

VERY bad produce , you want to vap silicon ? TEST it empty and open and you will see smoke out of the silicon  lol ! one leg trousers world !

NewClear War says:

Dabs boil over and drip tru the holes ,tru the grill and onto my coat. Don't over fill. But some dabs expand so… Watch the drip.

Daniel De Massari says:

aerodynamics, yeah, aerodynamics

Jasmin Reyes says:

this thing… is…. a….. creeper!!!!!!  don't let the less than acceptable vapor production (i'm a vaper so i expected and desired more)… I took just one bowl to the face, got disappointed with the lack of vapor, and set it down… came back to watching this video, and like 5 minutes later, BAM!!!! there are better devices out there, but this still does the job… 

on the other hand as a dabber, i don't like this thing at all… i'd rather use a vhit glacier on a variable voltage ego stick, like the aspire cf vv1300mah… 

Boomer Bonair says:

I have recently started using the Ascent. Experienced with many other vapes over many years. portable handheld all the way up through Volcano.   I am excited by the Ascent– it solves so many problems that other portable vapes have. However…. the silicone lip keeps popping off. I've tried a few drops of oil, and a tiny bit of wax of different occasions. Both times, at about 400-430 deg sessions. At the end, rotate to open, and discover the lid is loose, and smeared everywhere inside. What a mess!!  Any advice??  I've been certain to push the lid all the down securely. The chamber is at most 1/4 full, maybe less. 

alex mandar says:

isnt this the new model?

Krizzle Sizzle says:

Part 3 please homie get one of the new models!

Jon reline says:

Yeah same experiences with me, it's not like the original but performed well.the glass pieces are nice but I'm still experiencing them.i don't know about dabs or oils in the ascent but it works well
With ya flower.380 or 42o is a good heat.

☠MrHairyNutz☠ says:

This thing is not worth $250, i seen $20 vaporizers shoot clouds 10 times thicker than a hit from this Da Wimpy.

Aj G says:

Hey I just got the Ascent I found that if you leave the lid to the glass jar lightly on top (just don't push it down into the jar to make the seal) it works far better. When you vape like this it keeps the jar in place and still allows enough air flow from the bottom to get thicker vape. In the end you are not going to get very thick vape, but I have found this works best.

James Solomon says:

Hey I am having problems with my da Vinci ascent vaporizer I can't get it to actually they Priesmeyer herbs no matter what temperature I turn it up to I wonder if I'm grinding my nerves too fine can you help me

fiending says:

doesn't look very air tight if the glass stem is loose and just slides up and down, the oven doesn't look air tight…I wanted to see what the glass chamber looked like with the oil. it's not gonna work if it's just hot enough to melt the dab of oil to coat the whole inside of the glass chamber without vaporizing. the digital screen is prolly what works the best on this unit.

Chris Martinez says:

Can you do a part 3 review with lid on vs lid off on the oil jars? Also, they were supposed to have fixed the silicone taste with the new batches, you should see if  you can get a new one and try it out! 

Mr Rautavaara says:

There are videos in youtube, that show some off-gassing coming out of the Ascent.
Please check it out.

Waiting for the Ascent review.

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