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PAX 2: How to use PAX 2

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More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. A deeper oven allowing a satisfyingly consistent draw. An elegant, ergonomically redesigned mouthpiece that senses the presence of your lips. A more efficient battery, and intelligent heating and cooling systems to optimize usage. An elegant anodized aluminum surface and integrated LED indicator.

The leading vaporizer that is now better by any measure.

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Yankie Doodle says:

Pax 2 I love you!!

Yankie Doodle says:

Ok, now i'ts wokking. fukkkkkkkkkk yeahh

Yankie Doodle says:

my doesnt work. can't get any clouds, it's like I'm vaping nothing. what the holy fuck???

Vickie Roller says:

How do you turn it off? Like if you need to put it in your bag straight away? Top class unit by the way.

Jackson Kelly says:

This is an awesome unit!

manuel says:

What happens after rotating it three times?!?!?!?!?!?

M F says:

arrived on 420

thegaygaymerchannel says:

A very well designed and thought out device, I will definitely get one.

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