PAX 2 Portable Vaporizer Blazin’ Gear Review | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

PAX 2 Portable Vaporizer Blazin’ Gear Review

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The price of the PAX2 may be high but for sheer ease of use and cannabis vaping performance it’s just about flawless. A portable vaporizer perfect for someone willing to pay for quality, stealthiness and downright elegant simplicity.

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andus garza says:

a pax is like an iPhone. overpriced. any recommendations for other vaporizers for dry herb?

Stu Cs says:

i want one of these mothers but ive heard problems relating to the screens, is that just with the pax 1?

Grape Ape says:

Tell bogart I challenge him to make a pipe out of a apple, a straw, a funnel, tin foil, and a toothpick and noting else

Samson Osztreicher says:

just a general question about vapourisers, how can you be 100% sure that all of the THC has been vaporized. Alot of that still looked very green. Wastage is my biggest concern considering the price of bud.

TorontoLibertarian says:

Nice. Sounds like a good one.

StalkerGtfo says:

How is it different than the pax 1 other than taking out a mouthpiece that made it much easier to hit and making it cost more??

Billybob Yarmas says:

do you just put the weed in the hole in the xmax pro or use the bowl?

jeffxl12 says:

How long did you have to smoke before until you knew it was done? Or how long does a whole burner last? I am looking for minutes

bellomy360 says:

Got one !!! It is the shit so worth it:)

Tr Vlogs says:

Yea the homie +Blunts n Bongs has one man his dog chewed on it he dropped it in the snow over night and it's still hits like a champ he said.

Tyrell Fahad says:

Do they ship to Australia?

Sondistasya says:

You go too easy on the reviews giving high reviews

illbee aye-lee-un says:

Now that's a true portable.  This and the new Flowermate mini are in a class by themselves!  Thanks for the video and much Respect!

FollowTheSunDown says:

I have the PAX 1 and the only flaw(ORIGNINAL MOUTHPIECE STUCK AND  NEEDED LUBRICANT )  was corrected in the PAX 2,  The mouthpiece is stationary now. THIS IS THE BEST herb vape ive seen for sneak toking and for portablity/dependabilty . WORTH THE CASH

Youtube User00 says:

cool. Wish it was about 100 dollars cheaper so i could afford it

Mushroomanjc c says:

Makes me want to sell $280 worth of weed. Damn that looks fine.

Asher Dabs says:

Great 👍✌️

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