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Vapesterdam finally gives a proper review to the PAX 2 and gets down to how and why this became the most popular, but not necessarily best, dry herb vaporizer. Read on to learn more!

We’ve reviewed the PAX vaporizer, we’ve reviewed the PAX 3, but somehow we never got around to reviewing the PAX 2. I guess as it was so popular, we assumed everyone had already made their minds up about it? In any case, the PAX 2 is still around, it’s still a decent unit (not the BEST, mind you), and we’re gonna give it the full megillah. Check out the PAX 2 Vaporizer Review by Vapesterdam for the full scoop!

To find out more about the PAX 2 portable vaporizer, check out the review
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Tommy Cox says:

My pax is a really good paper weight. Other than that it's pretty trash. Invest in a solo

Justin Kerrrigan says:

Just got one of these and the shit doesn’t even work, any recommendations out there to help ?

Wally Conger says:

Hey, Mike; thanks for this; I recently bought one in Miami, and am back home in Bogota; so I have little recourse with the seller; I cannot draw any air through this thing; well, and t-i-n-y bit; I doubted the instructions to "pack it tightly," so I didn't; I called the store and they told me to re-pack it loosely; nothing changed; I removed all the weed, and still can't get air to pull through; I ran the little brush through the thing, but still nothing. Any thoughts?

Pablo C says:

I have also de Crafty, which of course is better in every sense than the pax, except, its battery life. I´m surprise to get 5-6 uses with the pax, where the crafty only gives me 3.

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