Pax 2 vs. CRAFTY Portable Vaporizer SHOWDOWN!

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Score A Pax 2 Or CRAFTY At A Bargain Price…

This is a video that I just had to make because of the endless questions that I’m getting asked about two portable vaporizers in particular: the CRAFTY and the PAX 2.

So instead of just answering the same questions over and over again I thought I’d make a definitive ‘Pax 2 vs CRAFTY’ vaporizer comparison video to give you guys a better idea of the differences between these two devices.

As I like to do with all of my side by side comparison videos I’ll be judging and comparing both the Pax 2 vape and the Crafty vape on four different criteria: design, features, ease of use and vape quality.

If you’ve seen both my Pax 2 review and my Crafty vaporizer review then you’ll know that at the end of the day I really do like both of these vapes and honestly think that they are two of the best portable vaporizers that out there right now.

The Pax 2 vaporizer is so incredibly stealthy and sexy and it’s clean design and vibrant colors and extremely appealing to the eye. Furthermore it’s also capable of producing some great vapor quality and it’s battery life is second to none giving you a crazy one and half hours of vaping time!

However at the end of the day I do have to say that the CRAFTY does have the slight edge for me. The vape quality on this thing is just so amazing and at the moment it’s currently what I consider to be the best portable vaporizer on the market.

So for that reason I called the CRAFTY the winner of this showdown!

Cliff P says:

Sorry don’t care for the Bennie on you. But that’s just me.

REM lag says:

The Mighty is very good too, good job, cheers !!!

kris brennan says:

I love your new business… You are so amazingly awesome and completely missed the Internet marketing community… We miss you we miss you we been worried about you 🙂 i've been waiting for two years to buy screw 95! You are so messed Jay…. there are tons and tons of messages on message boards all over the Internet looking for you…. you have such a big fan base… you have no idea! We love you Jay!

Mikel526 says:

In theory The PAX 2
is great!

In practice: Sometimes you definetely know you're hitting something sometimes not… weekly cleanings is a must…. Have been using it for around 8 months… battery lifetime definetely decreased by a lot compared to the beginning…

Knowing then what I know now, I would get the vaporizer that looks like a beer can….

Leerox79 says:

nice review m8
Whats the song playing on the background?

DJ Lee says:

this guy has definitely had his crafty for a while. such a bias infused review its sad

Ed Clark says:

This review is a load of BS. The idiot who makes this presentation is either lying or nuts. I owned a Crafty that worked well for a little while, but soon became unreliable & unmanageable. The Crafty is cumbersome, difficult to clean & often causes the herb to combust!!!
By comparison to the Crafty, the Pax 2 is like ascending to heaven from hell. It's a beautifully made, high-quality, compact jewel of a vape that's always a total pleasure to use. Also, unlike the more expensive but inferior Crafty, herb NEVER combusts in the Pax 2.
Bottom Line: If you're intelligent, make a beeline to acquire a Pax 2, by far the very best portable vape in our solar system; but if you're a moron like the semi-coherent, wildly gesticulating stoner in the review – who's probably "motivated" by Storz & Bickel – then, by all means, spend lots more money & purchase the inferior, unreliable & cumbersome Crafty device.
Good luck & good vaping!

Joe Putz says:

If you keep the unit 'upsidedown' the oven is on top and the heat rises away from the mouth piece. This will keep things much cooler. Your Pax is now almost like a crafty. You will also need less stirring and get more complete vaporisation. If only someone were to design an after market whip straw add on for the Pax2.

John Doe says:

"The pax 2 is great for those on a budget"

Medical Cannabis Spain says:

I was tempted by the crafty a while back until half of them had to be sent back after failures :/ Not sure if these issues fixed, been waiting for the version 2. Getting as bad a mobile phones these things where each update always leaves something to be improved upon 🙂 Thats the profit system for ya 😉

kkoolkkid123 says:


David Latty says:

g pen elite vs the two?

Stefan Stefanovic says:

what is the point of getting a good or even BEST vaporizer on the market, when it's going to last only 2 years, and you have to exchange it for a new one every now and then?


Stefan Stefanovic says:

7:17 great flow 😀

RP Crabshack says:

Shot on iphone

supersaiyan 433 says:

What the hells this shit can this even smoke liquid vg or Fucken weed and tobacco what's this shit

Thomas Price says:

brush your fucking teeth, disgusting

Seth says:

Have a friend with a crafty and he regrets it. It's already been replaced for one, and they honestly last for only two sessions.. The battery life is horrendous compared to the pax. As for the vapor quality, it's got a very easy, open draw, but I feel the pax gets me higher, and leaves me with enough battery to carry all day for my vaping needs. Not to mention feels a lot cheaper and is much larger

Erik Manuel Cardona says:

Pax2 all the way. I get big hits and crazy high. Long session if by yourself and I keep mine on the highest setting always. The crafty is weak.

Amber Eddy says:

you just praised the Pax, said it was all that, and then yo gave it to the Crafty…So biased

E Money The Med Savage says:

I bought the pax 2 at the dispensary for 280 10 year warranty. But now they have the other should I buy it

Peter says:

Just ordered a Crafty 🙂

Zuo Ci says:

*(this review was paid by crafty). lol I held the crafty and it felt super cheap (and it's UGLY looking). it's all plastic and felt very clunky. pax2 won my purchase decision. it's super sleek, low profile, long battery life, and had the best warranty. I get about 20 hits per session.

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