PAX 3 Dry Herb & Marijuana Extract Vaporizer (Unboxing, Usage & Review with Cannabis)

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The PAX 3 Dry Herb and Extract Vaporizer is a cannabis industry leading vaporizer. Today we *Unbox, Use and Review the PAX for use with cannabis. To buy or learn more about the PAX 3 please visit:

* As a note: I discovered after making the video that the “keychain” is also a multi-tool, with the metal and rubber pulling apart to reveal a dab loading/ packing tool.

Special thank you to PAX for sending the PAX 3 vaporizer for us to review. Please consider making your purchase through our link so that you can also help support our videos while buying one of the best vaporizers ever made.

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jman102791 says:

Pax is definitely worth it I start out on low and work my way to the highest temp gets me nice and baked. Get some nice clouds too just make sure to grind small and pack tight

Seva Latin says:

I got one and it's one of the best things money can buy. I was very hesitant since its quite pricey but its worth every cent. It does save you a lot of weed, so in the long run, it is an investment.

AdrieStarr says:

I love vaping because you get more bang for your buck. The vapors, and then the abv materials. Plus vaping is easier on your throat and lungs.

Mega Tron says:

this guy must be getting so whacked

Pablo Salgado says:

I tried to update my Pax 3, after about 8 minutes the app (on the screen's phone) stills showing "Downloading Firmware". How much time does the updates usually take? Can I still vape meanwhile or is it suppose to be on some kind of standby mode? Thanks!

djChives95 says:

I am so happy with my Pax 3. If you don't have a vape, it's worth it. The app is incredibly convenient.

kieran booth says:

funny that the highest temperature is 420

Taranjit Singh says:

I have one, it's the best vape out there

chevyridin86 says:

I will never buy a vape unless I can fit at least .5 or. 6 of a gram, minimum.. anything less is a waste.. y would I want to keep packing a vape,, thats stupid to me..

Steven says:

I have a FireFly 2 but almost bought the PAX 3.

Daniel Myers says:

The music reminds me of a PS1 billiards game. I love it!

Cadillac Smith says:

Great review. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but I believe you need to remove the steel plate filter when using the device for concentrates. might be the reason why you found the draw slightly restrictive.

Danny Vaca says:

Good good review brother

who_else_but_water says:

Doesn't seem like the dry herb was hitting. When you packed it with wax you seemed to get a better hit then the dry herb. Great vid though !

Jonathan P says:

Great video. Very well put together. Thanks.

Rational Bushcraft says:

I love mine. Yes I would buy it again.

Luis Quintana says:

Does smoking wax smell as strong and smoking flower?

SkyToddler says:

better than davinci?

Tom Anderson says:

I watched the whole thing I thought it was like 4 mins haha

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