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PAX 3 portable dry herb & concentrates vaporizer review

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Pax 3 is one of the latest portable dry herb & concentrate vaporizers to hit the market. In fact, we think it is one of the best ones available to date. Why?

Here is what we were impressed with:

– Classy and stylish look.
– The vape heats up in a very short 10 – 15 seconds.
– The Pax App allows you to customise your vape
– Dry Herb or Concentrates – The choice is up to you
– The Pax 3 can hold up to 0,3 grams.

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vasileios vasileiadis says:


vicente Cortez says:

Díganle al Yoidi que haga una review!!

UK grow master T.H.C says:

How yous doing guys it was jst to let yous know iv got my grow channel back up and running and was wondering if yous would be intrested in sponcering my grows again my indoor and this seasons outdoor am in glasgow scotland uk and have going on 900subs and counting everyday.
Iv resently jst finished a sponcerd grow but would be hounerd again to put ur genetics on my channel and as the last time i would only consentrait and have your genetics in my grow rooms and outdoor patches. Av been a big fan off ur strains for a number off years now and have grew abt 70percent off what yous have avalabe in ur catalogs over the 12years iv been growing now and a big faviourite off mine is your ROYAL HAZE the photo peireid and the AUTO version last year outdoors your Auto ROYAL HAZE out done everything els in my garden i was tottal blowing away with the end results i had 7 foot plus heavy yeilding planta with no training at all just good medium conditions and start. I sprouted indoors n outdoors when 10days old. let me know if yous would be intrested i would love to document ur genetics and do project videos on the grows indoors and outdoors.

[email protected]

Maestro Rochi says:

Un amigo se comprò el pax 3 y la verdad es que es muy bueno, pequeño y completo, tiene una cámara para fumar extracciones y todo, muy buen vapo.

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