Pax 3 Vaporizer Dabbing Concentrates review with Namaste Vapes

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This is a review video of the Pax 3 vaporizer from Pax Vapor, creators of the original Pax and Pax 2 vaporizer. The Pax 3 is the first version that is compatible with concentrates. In this review we’ll show you how to pack the concentrate insert with your materials and vape your dabs with the most popular portable vaporizer in the world today!

Concentrate vaporizers were not really sought after in the past few years but with legalisation and the growing cultrue the market has started to mak a shift. So we need to take a look at what all the hype is about in this pax 3 concentrates review.

Now although we are talking now about converntates, the Pax 3 vape can be used with loose-leaf dry herbs and also with concentrates so it is a 2 in 1 vape…or is it more? The Pax3 actually comes with 3 ovens included. The first Pax oven is a full-size oven for heating up dry herbs or as pax calls it r loose-leaf vaporizable flowers . for the second its for loose-leaf too, but its for a smaller nug, so for solo use. The third Pax oven, is something all new, it is a concentrate oven which leads us to our review of today. The Pax 3 Concentrates, Is the Pax 3 good for concentrates ?

Byron Butler says:

Can you do a video using that same concentrate lid with the pax 2 for us pls

Michael Fish says:

Damn Mr. Rogers is getting baked. Namaste

Alex Torres says:

removing the cartridge is basically impossible without getting ur hands sticky/accidentally burning them

Kronickillness Nikolaos says:

wtf is up with that Mr Rogers tv show music creepy vibes AFTER we learNed the truth about him and the boomdocks had an episode that drove THAT home lol.

Jerkraald says:

do you have to take the screen out of the herb oven before inserting the concentrate chamber?

Steve Holt says:

Will the concentrate insert fit the PAX 2 as well?

AdamGB81 says:

Can you use a more liquidy oil in the Pax 3 and/or the Firefly 2? Like cannabis juice? Or is it too watery? Also, I know the firefly 2 is supposed to produce the best quality pulls as far as flavor goes, but how big is the difference in flavor between FF2 and Pax3? Is it worth the extra $100 or so? The Pax 3 just seems easier to use and more portable, but I don't want to sacrifice flavor or overall quality.

Se0ulBr0tha says:


Joe Tittiger says:

Good video but you need a better camera. Out of focus a lot…

Se0ulBr0tha says:

dude, I unfortunately broke the black clips on the cap AND the orange O ring in the oven.. I tried searching online and pax DOESN'T SELL THEM!! I only use concentrates and now my $200+ device is useless to me. I emailed customer service but what do I do if they won't replace it for me??? 😡

Marcell Jjr says:

Im loving the "Mr Rogers" sweater Lol

The Melancholy Penguin says:

what's the perfect temp/setting combo with the app and exactly how much would you recommend putting it to get the most out of it?

Tim Hershelman says:

So there's a 10 year warranty but the battery will last 2 years max, how does that work? Wish it had a removable battery like the Firefly…

TheBravo13x says:

Is the effect as intense if you were to hit it with a rig with the pax?

Cheryl Phelan says:

Love my new gold one:)

Gary Moore says:

Namaste…great review…!!!

Ed Kemper says:

When you speak of concentrates, are we only speaking of oil/wax/goo? What about hash or tri-comb (?) powder??

J Hane says:

Does the concentrate insert stick out a little? I even took out the screen for herb and it still stuck out

Roger Toledano says:

Nostalgia with the intro music there…. trippy


how does somebody email you directly?

Trevor Torres says:

Hey can i get a free pax 3 for first comment???

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