PAX 3 vs. DaVinci IQ: Conduction Vape Showdown

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My review and comparison of the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ vaporizers – Comparison table:

DaVinci IQ Full Review:

PAX 3 Full Review:

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NOTE: I received a final production unit PAX 3 that works better than the pre-production unit I used for this comparison video. The final unit really does heat up in 15-20 seconds and you get nice vapor right from the first draw, just like the PAX 2.

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Donn Patton says:

You have very hairy arms*, but great versus review.

Thank you.

* Nothing to be self conscious about.

Ben Parrino says:

Hi I have PAX 3 and don't have rattling when I shake the device. You are right about the concentrate adapter though. It's bullshit and only works right when the PAX is upside down and you have the concentrate adapter facing upwards… THEN it dabs like a beast.

Heugh Jassman says:

Obvious product plugs man but otherwise good review lol.


Excellent review, enjoyed it.

Colm Magner says:

Could you tell me what water pipe you use in this video please? Are you happy with it?

Alexunder Dobrynin says:

great dude tnx from moscow )))

Alex Moss says:

good review thanks

Anthony Croteau says:

They have upgraded the flat mouthpiece with slightly bigger holes. Much better airflow. I actually drilled out my first one with a diamond but. Just the center hole. I love the IQ. I own 3

Mark Drumz says:


Cody Williams says:

Doesn't The DaVinci have a new flavor chamber that can be pulled out?? I'm almost positive it does but I don't see why you would skip that completely.


I have all three and a grasshopper and the IQ chamber to add flavor or pack extra and the top pops open and the removable chamber flys out and I find it and the next day I can't get it to screw ( top) or cap and then I seen part of the ceramic was cracked off and I can't get a good draw and I can't figure why I can't use it with out plus I don't ever get a big puff and its tight and the battery lip on the IQ does rattle if not clicked closed and can it work without because adding flavor waist material and my pax 3 does make noises but the shell looks cheap especially the silver

Melissa Cantey says:

I have a cbd liquid vape but considering getting a dry herb vape for mmj. I hate everything about smoking herb versus consuming other ways, especially the pugnant smell that lingers in the house. Would you say that vaping cuts down on the odor? I love the unburnt smell, I just don't like the smell after it burns.

Keith Benedict says:

Just out of curiosity, how many bowls before each needs to be cleaned? This is one of the main considerations for me. Frequency and ease of cleaning. We usually do a bowl a day just before bedtime with our Arizer Solo. The Solo produces good vapor and is easy to use, but the stem comes out too easy, it takes too long to heat up and I hate not knowing when it shuts off. When it shuts off and you turn it back on, you have to reset the heat. Very annoying.

Looking at the PAX 3, IQ, and Firefly 2 as replacements. The Firefly 2 looks good, but I'm concerned about the bowl size. I don't want to have to get out of bed and load a new bowl midway through a session.

Daniel says:

Thanks for the useful information.

elcaminolovemachine says:

i could feel him getting higher as the video goes on

Dave Gibbons says:

Can't say I was thrilled when I saw that this video was 40 minutes but I really enjoyed watching this – very well delivered, also all the things I would need to consider if I wanted to buy one of these considering I knew nothing about these things – I didn't even know they existed until I saw a guy with one at my pub last week!

Kaiden Kwan says:

Hey.. where's the ladies.. need them in the background getting giggly and jiggly. heheh

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