Pax 3 vs Firefly 2 Comparison Review

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For you again we have another comparison, this time between two premium, portable vaporizers that are dominating the market. We sit down to find out which one is more with it to vape dry herb. The first is the most recent addition to the wildly popular Pax brand, the Pax 3, and what is arguably one of the more efficient models on the market today, the Firefly 2.

The Firefly 2 is a time tasted brand. it can be largely operated through a smartphone app, which always adds a certain degree of control to your smoke. With the app, you can set profiles for your preferred smoking temperature, but what’s more is that, also through the smartphone, you can adjust the Firefly 2 in order to smoke concentrates. Something that wasn’t previously offered by the Firefly 1. The Firefly 2 is also a convection vaporizer, relying on hot air passing through your herbs in order to draw out that vapor, which adds a whole level of efficiency and flavour.

Next up we are excited to be bringing out the Pax 3 which only just recently hit the market but is already quickly becoming a firm favourite among experienced habitualists. Like the Firefly 2, the Pax 3 is a newer model that has been given the ability to vape concentrates and also has a smartphone app tied to its use. They do however, have differences. Straight away, the Pax 3 is a conduction based product, which means its constantly heating up, be it in your hand or pocket. This is, however, a very quick process and the Pax 3 can go from cold to ready to use in 15 seconds. Because the conduction causes your herbs to essentially be baked in their chambers, the flavours of the Pax 3 tend to be more nuanced.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the smoker to decide the kind of experience he wants, so for a full review, check out the video above, then check out the Namaste Vapes website and maybe purchase one of these top-shelf vaporizers yourself.

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Coran Ealy says:

Can they use oil?

Yoshith Weerakoone says:

hahahhaha! that Mr. Rogers neighbourhood music kills me man HAHAHA!

Nathaniel Dorey says:

im sorry my friend but idk how many times you called the pax 3 the pax 2

Michael PEARCE# says:

Salut Kory, I had a laugh as my Plenty continues to take a beating and it has a wheelchair rolled over bowl gnarled up but still surprises me how solid the Plenty hits, and hits and so on. I look forward to our next conversation as well.

Michael PEARCE# says:

Kory, thank you kindly for the very informative comparison video. My question would be another of a comparison also but with the Stortz unt Bikel Mighty in a three way tasting versus the Pax 3 and the Firefly 2. I have always found that you can get fabulous taste from their products and that the Mighty at least keeps me medicated the longest lasting of any vapourized that I have tested. As do my Volcano and my Plenty desktop vapourizers.

I realize Kory that you have more occasions to try new vapourizers and this is why I am asking you.

A says:

Thanks bro you gave me the info I needed.. went with the firefly 2. Also thanks for dressing like Mr Robbins and calling it the pax 2 on accident very funny.

K says:

5:32 Lol everyone says that after that first try

1337fraggzb00N says:

Both of them seem to be good devices but i would prefer the Firefly 2. Why? Because the wax chamber of the PAX3 doesn´t even fit completely into the vaporizer – how crappy is that? I know, it´s just cosmetics but when i pay a lot of money for a specific product, i do not want to buy half baked DIY shit. Nobody wants to buy a Mercedes with the doors of an old Dodge.

Totmacher13B says:

I've decided on the ff2 because of your videos. Thank you for the info!

ImmortalTrip1423 says:

Been using my firefly 2 for 2 days now, I've smoked about 2 grams of bud, getting amazing results, I can't believe I haven't bought a vape sooner, I would have smoked 4-5 grams in 2 days rolling joints. :/. Been 10 years like this, what a waste

Addison Tharpe says:

Fire fly heats up mad quick but has weird odd drawbacks

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