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TVape shows you the Pax 3 vs ZEUS Arc comparison and reviews which vaporizer will take home the featherweight title.

If you wanna pick up the ZEUS Arc:
If you wanna pick up the Pax 3:

Both of these vaporizers pack a punch, but there are some subtle differences between the two. Check out this comparison to figure out which one is best for you!

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Detroitvapes says:

Nice review. The arc needs to be right next to the plenty as under rated.

Sean Keating says:

Great video, Alex, compared to my Arc the Pax tastes like someone drank a gallon of bong water and farted through a pizza oven

Rushi Bhatt says:


Zoo5York says:

I'm bout to throw down on the Arc GT! Gotta add to my collection and my pax is gettin old!

Batrick G says:

What a great review !! It looks like i am going for the Zeus Arc GT. I like staying up to date on the best Vaporizer on the market ??

TOSEBONBA Miles says:

Just got my Arc GT and Iā€™m loving it!! Super sleek, looks and feels better than the Pax.
I own both the iQ and the Pax and they cannot compared to the smoothness of the Arc!

ALSO, cleaning the Arc is a breeze. If you own a Pax or iQ, you know what Iā€™m talking about!! Cleaning those two is a hassle!

Robert Galati says:

Awesome now I know which vape to get! (ARC GT)

Jayjay says:

? somebody wants to trade my pax for a zeus ???

Tools420 says:

Amazing Review Alex, nicely done!!

User One says:

The Arc GT looks like something BATMAN would throw at you to F^&% you up if you were in the process of robbing an old lady in an alley …. in Gotham city….like fucking grow up…go to another city to rob old ladies.

Ovok says:

seeing these in my feed is goin drive me mad, got paycheck but utilian 5 just sold out of the black color. gotta wait a week. oof. Eh, least i know i'll likely buy the arc for herb in the future.

Victoria Martinova says:

Wow that Zeus vapor looks thick af compared to the pax! You have so much insight, thanks for breaking everything down šŸ™‚

Denkomogoto says:

Arc all the way!!

CRAZE1247 says:

Pax is garbage would never buy another pax product. I now own the Zeus gt gold.

Gabriel Cova says:

This is great!

Rhonan Geraci says:

Bro your awesome

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