PAX WEST 2017: JackSepticEye Hour of Delight

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0:00 – opening
1:10 – ‘House rules’
1:46 – Going on tour with the grumps
7:09 – “Weirdest fan experience?”
11:10 – “I don’t like pineapple on pizza” (how dare you…)
13:58 – For people going through a tough time
16:14 – “If you could change your name…”
17:36 – “If you could switch channels with anyone you know…”
26:04 – “Will you date my *********”
28:13 – The natural yogurt incident
29:50 – “Favorite cheesecake?”
30:20 – Salted carmel
31:57 – Happy wheels intro
33:00 – The stupid joke that wasn’t even a joke but it was funny
39:55 – This was cute
43:24 – Awkward Anti scenes
45:32 – A guide on how to be irish (technically)

Join the ever talented JackSepticEye for this very special panel where you will learn all of the secrets of the universe. Barring that, you will at least have a good time for roughly 60 minutes. Hopefully both.

Camkane Gaming says:

Everyone is so awkward

Baku Cornett says:

"And that's when I took the four-front to the up-front, thank you seattle!"

spoopy says:

what did the godmother said that Jack said "then a hard no"

cuty girl gift 6675 says:

😢I want to go to pax with jack hes funny😢

nathan Guy ENNISKILLEN says:


nathan Guy ENNISKILLEN says:


Chaïly Proulx says:

The pants are non existent

Virus girl says:

I wish i could meet him …

Dead Man says:

Νοοο why did it stooop???

Lena Longbottom says:

I'm fuckinG CRINGING

Lillie Shippy says:

"I'm not here to do the best, I'm just here to do "

Anuubhav Naidu says:

At 2:45 it looked like he was floating in blank space

EricCantGame says:

Why didn't Felix go?!?

Joseph Kirk says:

I sit just me or is it just his arms and head floating there at 3:04

K9R00Z says:

jack looks like he's one with the wall

Sune Palmin says:

80085 = BOOBS

Sydney Gannon says:

I can finally go!!!!! 🙂

Hey, It's Mia ! says:

Thank god this video is on the internet. Living in Australia is hard man…

Magpie KrayKray says:

But what if some of those American live in Europe? Hmmmmmm?

Anton Kohler says:

ew she said london is my city

EdgyMc.MyChemicalRomance says:

Jack: someone touched my ass once

Why do i feel lik3 it was dan howell

Eliza Fang says:

Jack: Please do not kill each other!
Me: hides a bloody knife behind my back fuck

Digital Dreamer says:

heavy breathing

Olliver Aira says:

"Can I take a selfie with you" Jack: "Sorry Im not allowed"

Michael Everett says:

omg its jack

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