Plenty Vaporizer 2019 Review: Most Underrated, Underappreciated Vape Ever?

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The Plenty Vaporizer

My 2019 review of the Plenty vaporizer:

Read my review here:

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Poll: Have you ever used a Plenty?

Currently my top pick for best desktop vaporizer:

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Michael Dickey says:

I think it is pronounced “storts”

Tony B says:

Hey Bud, i would love to see one of these reviews with the volcano digital, whatya say🌲

FoundationsofPause says:

My mom loves it. She quit her old dirty disgusting fragile bong forever within the first week.

Philip Fry says:

It may be a good vape, but you look so stupid sucking on black & decker.

Stressed says:

id buy it except im an old joint and bong person and i cough too much unless i go thru a lot of water and 3 feet of tubing. what home vape do you think is the easiest on the throat? ill buy that one. i mostly use bud but do .2 of shatter a day to keep my rumatizz under control. i have the mighty, 2 dynavaps and an herbalizer. and a concentrate pipe .

love your info. big fan, big fan

Ricolas Cage says:

I tried concentrate on the metal pad, dont do it folks lol

Blackwater says:

Vape Critic, the most Underrated, Underappreciated Youtuber ever?

utcsjakie says:

As a owner of the volcano , mighty and crafty i decided after watching this video to buy a Plenty to make the set complete. Thank you.

stillmangal says:

What's the cleaning process like?

Juft0n says:

Its actually temperature controlled. After the heater shuts off you need to wait for the bimetall to cool down and click before you can press the trigger to trigger the next cycle. Thats why you hear a click when you pull the trigger its similar to the Vapcap lol

Ricky Garner says:

Great review thanks man love ur channel 💪🏻

Leon Morgan says:

The hit off the plenty is as devastating as smoking a bong

MostlyWeed says:

without the plug on top the bud will go like popcorn in a hot pan straight into the airstream when it is too empty

madphat scyles says:

Nice. I think I'm gonna buy that one. Thank you!

Mario Sofroniou says:

Love your channel bro! I highly recommend looking into the obsidian volcano vaporizer accessory. It's a water attachment made by magma industries! Took the volcano to a new level

A C says:

I am tempted by the nearly unanimous praise it gets, but it's so hard to shell out that kind of money for something that looks like a black & decker heat gun.

RealDeal says:

The reducer would be perfect for oils

I would assume because the plenty allows so much hot air to enter the bowl, you might not need a higher temperature to vaporize the oil, it may just take longer then something like a dab rig

bluemystic7501 says:

I give you a thumbs up before I even watch your vids. Best vape content on the Internets.

m fizzled says:

Best video to watch whilst getting stoned and winding down after a long shift

Mario Enrique says:

i bought one a few months ago based on your rave reviews despite it being unpopular… damn bud, am i glad i did

mh23D00 simpleseed says:

i like this stuff because is very discret for smoke during my coferences work sesh ,congrats

Mee Mee says:

Great video brosta. Happy to see you back. You right..somhow those dosing capsules make it less intense even when using same amounts

Slappy Mcdagger says:

Best vaporizer reviewer around no promo shit the velcro strap move was genius, it looks fun to use do live streams more often I feel you would be good at it.

Travis Havens says:

my brother bought one of these a long time ago. Don't buy it!!! it ends up clogging really easily and you can change out the screen its sealed on there. He stopped using it cause it pretty much gave out on him and also not a very convenient vaping tool cause its so big and forget about vaping it with a bunch of friends cause it has to be plugged in and the cord gets in the way. It works really well at first but not on the long run. 2/5 stars

Barry Riddle says:

Great review as always. Got my Plenty on 4/20 and my liquid pad is much smaller than yours. Mine doesn't fit snugly in the chamber but does fit snugly in the black plastic piece above the chamber. What's up with that?

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