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From Storz and Bickel, one of the most well known vaporizing companies in the world, the brand that brought you the Volcano, comes one of their newer products, The Plenty! Let’s take a quick mention of that interesting design! With the hand grip at the back, the coiled mouthpiece, the analog temperature gauge and the black and orange casing, The Plenty actually looks like a cross between a drill and an exhaust pipe! There’s something to be said for making vapes sleeker and more elegant, but the plenty looks like a real machine that packs a punch!

Now this design isn’t just great, it’s also very practical! Straight away, that stainless steel coil mouthpiece is actually pretty amazing for cooling the vapour, giving you a tremendous amount
of production and flavour that you can only really get at the highest of temperatures, but without burning your mouth! The bulkiness of the body allows for a mostly convection system which really cooks those herbs with hot air and really draws out the THC. What all of this does is add a next level to both flavour and production which is strong and smooth! The cloud is so dense and it’s very efficient with your herbs. Another massive hit by Storz and Bickel!

The internal chamber is large and wide, assisting with air flow so that the draw resistance is next to zero! Also, with a convection system, you can lightly pack the chamber if you wanted without
any impact to the performance! If you’re looking to smoke, you won’t have to wait long, as The Plenty heats up very quickly, not as fast as a true portable vaporizer, but instantly compared to some of the larger desktop brands! What’s more, this vape is comparable to its desktop older brothers and really can’t be matched in home convenience!

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River Ryder says:

Stick the brush in the back screw hole on the bottem… Kick Stand..

Boof Timex says:

This is a great vape. Best way to use it is fill up the bowl with any gear available, turn it up to full heat – as soon as the dial hand is in the green zone, start to pull it in, the clouds will come after a few good pulls. Put it away once you're fucked up enough….. It really shines with less expensive quantity of sub-optimal product – the bowl's big enough for a heap of leaf and stem all chopped/ground up. It'll vape anything nicely. It's paid for itself already for this reason. However, It needs a base to sit it down so the bowl sits even.

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