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Brian & Jordan discuss the merits of the new trend of E-cigarettes. Are they healthier? Can they help you quit? The Ploom ModelTwo is a well-designed new entry. Will it smoke the competition?

Anthony805 says:

wow this made me cringe.

michael b says:

why don't you just take a drag off of it then give your opinion.

Dan Santamarina says:

the most gross taste ever, barely any vapor, it overheats like a bitch, i wasted 50 bucks plus ten on pods. Fuck this dont get it, i never comment but this shit pissed me off, fuck you ploom this shit  tastes like a busted nut!

LulzRoyce says:

I can't tell if the one on the left is a female or a male lol…

NanoSwarm says:

You guys sound like 14-year-old faggots. I hope you stop making videos.

Max Hontz says:

is Jordan Cook a guy or girl?

CutlassTactical 88 says:

Learn how to turn it on before making a video. Everything about these two girls irritates me.

Besurks says:

im confused a guy or girl? wtf

caseeyjb says:

Clearly have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Fucking morons

Hyphy SF says:

Video has been posted on my channel showing how to put your own herbs in this device!

Hyphy SF says:

check out the video on my channel. I have a full depth review

Mac Jadalhack says:

Highly suggest deleting this video as a whole.. not only are you not smokers, but the logic explanation is all incorrect, and I'm no professional.

Julian Wan says:

How can two seemingly intelligent people discuss this product without making any mention of essential topics: taste of propriety capsules, longevity of capsules, battery life, etc…

Honestly guys, bad job here.

Jamesey says:

wow.  starting a review of a smoking device by saying "No, I don't smoke"  and then laughing really lends you all this credibility.  I mean absolutely hilarious.  This is so bad and such a wast of everyone's time my brain hurts.  

blatnoyaka says:

What an idiots… We need a review of the product, not your bullshit.  

EnemyToad says:

She's pretty

JohnnyCupcakes says:

Is the kid on the left old enough to drink?

Nathan Shank says:

You're both so fucking annoying. You didn't even demonstrate it? SWEET

Mark Heath says:

How we Spose to know its any good if you didn't try it! Nutters!

Boe'neal Tv says:

Looks like the boy has tits

Dave Perry says:

First off, you're both idiots. Second, let go of the button when it first lights up to turn it on. Was curious what reviews my new esmoke gets and instead I wasted my time to the point where I feel like I have to say something about it. Figure it out and have it running to review, not just look at it and talk stupid about something you have no idea about.

Lawrence Callender says:

best troll review ever, well played….

hectorqwer says:

Wow, Greetings from Peru.

nothingbutchain says:

How about the two of you learn even just the SLIGHTEST amount about e-cigs and then try again. Oh and take this video down while you're at it, because to very large and vocal vaper community you took like total idiots.

ajahajah says:

You evaluate without even trying to use it. Wasted 4:23 minutes of my life.

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