Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Showdown – FlowerMate, Apex, DaVinci Ascent, Arizer Solo, Hebe Titan

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Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Showdown is a head-to-head comparison between the FlowerMate V5.0 & V5.0S, The Apex from Vape-Vet, the DaVinci Ascent, the Arizer Solo and the Hebe Titan.

DaVinci is another trusted vaporizer vendor in the US:

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DawnApon says:

Good ol' Bogart.

brickley2000 says:

Well this tell me shit.

Mister Bane says:

Davin I ascent I bought it when it first came out. It sucks not stealth easy breakable and it doesn't even produce good vape because it leaks it out through the bottom. Glass stems break so easy

whatayawant says:

My first vaporizer was the Hebe Titan,it worked great but after 4 or 5 months the battery wasn't holding a charge.I now have the Arizer Air and it's working great for me.

Dustin Durham says:

What happened to bogart??!?!

PanhandleTramp says:

I would think the Flowermate V5.0s would be the winner considering its only a tenth of a point below the highest rated but less than half the price. Love my Arizer Solo tho.

CroElectroStile says:

im more confused now, which one to buy, i can get Hebe for 53$ (vape quality as good as Solo?), Arizer Solo fro 120$, Hebe titan 3 is 72$, Da vinchi is 144$, Flowermate v5.os mini 125$, HALP !!! please 😕

Matt Ctitowiski says:

Hey I ordered my x-max v2 last Saturday and paid for priority shipping. It's for my friends birthday this Saturday and I was wondering if it was going to be here in time for it.

DoughnationCreative says:

I keep replaying it just to hear the background music lol what song is that?

Hubs88 says:

Love my Flowermate 5.0s, it's my first vaporizer and I'm never going back to smoking. 


theschokobear92 says:

is there really a difference between the quality of vape and taste/cloud between the flowermate 5.0 and 5.0s ? i thought the only difference were the temperature settings ?

Anna Falatic says:

Just received the flowermate v5S 3 and it has really impressed me . I want to thank you for your informative vids…very helpful!
My question: I want to use oil in my flowermate and wondered if the only way to accomplish this is to dab onto a bit of weed and then vape or is there another way?
help me out please.

Wisky2Frisky says:

This guy could crash a student party and be the center of attraction long before the party gets going lol Love your reviews (all honest), but the Flowermate V5.05 needs that extra 0.2 because of its price and the fact i have one :))
Cheers f☺r the videos.

Jonathan Rivera says:

Thanks so much! I was struggling on deciding which portable vaporizer was best, I'll be purchasing a V5.0S soon. (-:

Kj Boyle says:

I have the cloud capes terra… pretty good & not too expensive

Nunyo Biznes says:

Sounds like the toe jam and Earl theme music.

southbaygolfer says:

Hi Bogart, I have watched all of your videos thank you for them as they were entertaining as well as informative. I NEED YOUR HELP..
I have not seen any videos from you about making your own Vape pen oil. I have tried several times to make this using other youtube videos as a guide but have had no luck. The oil I made looks good tastes good but has no strength at all. I am starting with good herb,glycol,glycerin etc. Can you help…..Thanks Dave

dave staub says:

a question about the battery that is these vaporizers…. what is best    to let them run down 100%   or keep charged at all times…

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