POTV ONE Vaporizer Review

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My live review of the POTV ONE vaporizer:

Austin 420 says:

Does the POTV ONE have the glass water pipe adapter that fits in the oven like the Fury 2 or does it just fit into the mouth piece?

strawberrycough22 says:

Mighty all the way

voidremoved says:

this looks like what Pete reviews but a different name. There is another that looks the same way too but has more names. Really Souja boi is making it next

voidremoved says:

the word "POTV" makes my eyes go crossed

docsmyfav says:

How do you know when your herb is done and won’t give any more? Yours still had a tint of green. Do you keep going with it?

rocker4life77 says:

I thought you didn't touch rebranded chinese units? This unit has to be the most rebranded vape on the market.

Jetpack Tribe says:

Did you put water in it?

alf uckett says:

Good review as always,,,

CYRO X says:

Awesome man grabbed mine Friday should be here tommorow I got the bent bubbler!!

George Chav says:

Do you still get stoned 😁?

Kevin Foster says:

Great review… Can u fit old fury 2 wpa, stems etc in "the 1' s oven or is the oven size different dimensions?

Jeep says:

Well it’s basically a fury…

silkvein says:

Are you sure the oven isn't stainless? Aluminum wouldn't be remotely safe as an oven material. As a casing material sure, but not in any heating apparatus.

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