Product Review – YoCAN Evolve Plus – Fantastic Pen

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Truly a fantastic product, absolutely the best thing for travel.
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A great store that I really enjoy

Health Canada Medical Cannabis Patient

Ivan and Forest's trek across America says:

What pen you using now gord?

Buyescart Vaporizers says:

yocan products from buyescart, large selection, competitive price, free shipping, large selection:

1000 subs no videos says:

Would this pen ship to a place where wax/weed is illegal?

Yocan says:

$15 Off on Yocan Official!

Yocan says:

$15 Off on Yocan Official!

Sausagehappymeal X says:

I just bought this.. Where is it you put the product "in"? Right on top of the two coils? Should stuff be put in the device first and then you turn it on to start heating, or, do you heat the device first and then add product to it??

I really am not trolling thanks for the video

mastachiefa2010 says:

a friend of mine let me use his, then I saw this vid. I've had one for a week now, and wow. hits like a rig. best on-the-go pen in my opinion. I highly recommend this product. 5/5🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟!

Jay Hare says:

How many 5-second tokes would 1 gram of high quality wax last?

Victor Cambridge says:

Can you put dry herbs in it

Arjenis Corona says:

Can I use oil cartridges with this pen?

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