Product Review: Yocan Evolve Plus XL w/ Quad Quartz Coils

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In this review, we check out the brand new Yocan Evolve Plus XL wax vaporizer pen.

XXX 999 says:

How’s the pen holdin up ? Any updates ? Dope vid guys hell ya

Jamie lujan says:

Put you're stuff on the lil post

Red Martyr says:

i cant decide which one is dumber lol

Michael Stribling says:

Great coil burn in front of camera

Josh Sauer says:

Bullshit review

Jessie Garcia says:

I bought one.

Klasick Man says:

It does come with 2 coils jack ass . Open it up before you criticize!

John Krouse says:

Whos the mexican pete davidson?

Jackie Heezy says:

I wonder how takes it took to get all three of them niggas to finally light they shit in sync

rasho16v says:

can i put any mtl rta on yocan xl battery?

Brian H says:

3 idiots talking over each other, waste of time.

Avaree says:

Yeah, its an American thing…..hah. Gonna get one !

masterexplorper says:

You did't waste when you showed how it vapes inside the chamber. That is invaluable information that most people don't even think to show and in fact was the exact hd close shot that i was looking for, so thanks!!!!!

Those holes in the ceramic chamber that the coils come out of, are they sealed well or is there some leakage?

Keep Gooing!!!

masterexplorper says:

If you have so much money oozing out your ass or get enjoyment from paying a ridiculous amount of money for a brand name then by all means keep your shitty Iphone.

robert west says:

Dude definitely didn't put enough for three dabs into that the first time.

Levi Poe says:

Can you just put like a 1/4 g of wax in it and continuously hit it without loading

Kevin Dickinson says:

.You guys are fucking dumbasses. How do you do reviews of stuff that you have no clue.

Spyke Flinch Comedy says:

I love the Yocan XL ive been through 8 different units in past 2 yrs this one seems like the winner. Especially cause they finally made replaceble coil n $20-30 less price point. Hope they make a flower attachment n other side note the storage compartment is way to small lol

David Mendoza says:

What ya recommend for someone who wants to use it constantly thru out the day ? Plz lmk

Rayon Gunner says:

Yocan XL haters

theinternetsurfingguitarist says:

The quartz rods are NOT wrapped by titanium coil as the guy in the review said. They are wrapped with nichrome coil.

Ty Hampton says:

Digging the Curse and ether pieces! Working at The Hyve Concentrates in Vegas

Adamizer702 says:

Welcome back guys! I'd like to hear your take on the DaVinci IQ or PAX 3. I think DaVinci is local, maybe they can hook you up with a review unit. Cheers dudes!

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