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Pulsar APX Herb Review – Vapesterdam

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Vapesterdam reviews the Pulsar APX Herb and dives into this low-budget lark. Read on to learn more!

The Pulsar APX Herb is a tiny-sized, tiny-priced dry herb vaporizer, which also includes an inconsequential wax canister. It’s one of the smallest herb vaporizers around, but the performance can be just at meager at times. Nonetheless, could this be an ideal starter unit? The Pulsar APX Herb review from Vapesterdam breaks it down for you!

To find out more about the Pulsar APX Herb vaporizer, check out the review here: vapesterdam.com/review/pulsar-apx-vaporizer-review-pulsar-comes-life/

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Manuel Johnson says:

it doesn't work

Brian Bco Uscanga says:

After weeks of use, how would you rate this? I know of some vaporizers that doesn’t work the same than when they’re new. I had a G Pro that stopped working 2 weeks after I bought it. Thanks and sorry for my English.

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