Pulsar APX Herbal Vaporizer Review

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Are you looking for an affordable herbal vaporizer that isn’t a waste of money? Then grab yourself this vape from Pulsar

Some highlights of the Pulsar APX Herbal Vape:

4″ dry herb vaporizer
30-second heat time
Improved silicone cooling system
Multiple designs & colors
Haptic feedback when ready
Enhanced LED display
Improved mouthpiece
10x16mm ceramic chamber
Finely tuned heat settings
Temperature range from 356°F – 428°F

The APX herbal vape is a perfect affordable herbal vaporizer grab yours at www.pulsarvaporizers.com/products/pulsar-apx-vape

Thanks for checking out my review, if you have any questions then leave it below and I’ll get back to you

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xcomfortablynumb83x says:

Am I the only one that doesn't get any smoke? What am I doing wrong? I do wait between each hit to let it reheat and mine is at 410.

NasWavy™️ says:

Does it have discreet delivering ?

Lee 89 says:

How has this vape been for you i am thinking about buying this or another one and would you be able to use kief with this vape

seniors4weed says:

I got one of those and every time I take a hit I get a mouthful of herb. Did you have that problem? ???

laZie Bonger says:

The one you reviewing is V1 or V2? Cuz it looks like v1 to me.

Geovanni Castillo says:

Como se apaga por favor?

Jonathan Mendoza says:

Does it stink up the house or is it pretty discreet?

Craig Schultz says:

If you call that "thoroughly vaped", can I have your ABV? 😉 Seriously though, what do you do with your ABV? Toss it, process it somehow, extraction, edibles, ??? Alcohol extraction is my current favorite as it is stupid-simple to do, my personal requirement and, I always have a bottle of grain alcohol to clean my various vapes so I collect a film canister full and rinse and filter it a few times and then leave it out to evaporate the alcohol.

It's taste is not the best but then again I could go crazy and set up a fractional distillation process to extract and separate out pure compounds but then again, stupid-simple works too, and it's better than ditch-weed or brick. 😉

PulsarVaporizers says:

Thanks for the stellar review! ?

Trouble Clef says:

Thanks for this, I ended up buying one after watching! Can confirm this thing hits like a truck & tastes great. I've been smoking for 10 years and this thing puts me on my ass. The battery dies pretty fast for my liking, but it charges fast enough to keep me ripped all day.

King_shawn165 TV says:

Hey I’m new to vaping and I saw one on Walmart for 8-10 dollars do you think I should get it since I’m just starting

Vello Trainor says:

How does the battery last?

De la Huerta al mundo says:

Me suscribo y apoyo!! Saludos y espero que pronto legalicen en España ?? buenos humos!

swag sacks says:

After it vibrates you’re supposed to wait 30 seconds before hitting

michael twaddell says:

Good review. Looks like a good little vape. Good amount of vapor and heating time, cant go wrong for $70. I like that your able to cook with your avb after, makes vaping even more worth while

Triple Hippie says:

This looks so nice! You have such a positive outlook on everything. Your reviews are great! You're straight forward and honest, and very detailed. Super appreciate it!

Ethan Fetterly says:

Cool beans! Looks like a decent vape


Awesome review cheers

Ahriman S says:

You should check out @farhigh (or "far high")

Ahriman S says:

Another great vid.

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