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drewish drews says:

I love that wooden wall behind you. and the couch and the window drapery. 🙂 thanks for the review.

Sagatiaej Morey says:

There is no coil. This is convection. Think of it more like a tiny pocket oven. Pretty nice considering the price of the Pax products.

Matej Uršej says:

This is not fully vaporized herb. Not even close. It should have even light brown color, like tobacco. You should take another hit or two on higher temperature to extract last bits.

RonPaul Revered says:

You must play guitar. I can see the callouses on your fingers.

RonPaul Revered says:

You need to get commissions for providing links to products like these. Get that money homie

FiNeSSe says:

dope Vapin some fire Og cheers

Alan Medwedrich says:

I need one.

Kim Warren says:

Why are you wearing a child's Star Wars pajama top?

steventrys2makevideo says:

i dont support this vape. i used to have one, and although they do work at first they gunk up with resin very quickly and require cleaning very regularly in order to use properly. decent for minimal use while traveling but its not a good daily vaporizer

APS Hockey Dad says:

Link for this Vape?

Oregon Cannabis Grows & Reviews says:

awesome vape! so far my trusty DaVinci Ascent has been serving me well for almost 2 years. this would be a good spare vape or replacement if my Ascent ever quits.

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