Pulsar APX v2 Review – PiFFHoUSE

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Samuel Arinsberg says:

did this man just shout out the United States Postal Service like it's an upcoming sound cloud rapper

Nathan Sandoval says:

does the vapor smell like weed when u exhale??thanks in advance

r4P says:

Get this nigga a good camera. Good review tho

Tonyiscool says:

Jalen Rose???

Sexy McDeepVoice says:

The year is "twenty thousand uhhh eighteen" and the stoneroos are still on my lawn.

Kootenay Ryan says:

I got one , I find it gets really hot fast and even with a full bowl it doesn't last more then 4or5 rips

OG Da HempMan says:

Got mine today thanks for the review i like it works just like you said

AquaBass says:

How you just gonna dislike a review like that SMH.

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