PULSAR APX VAPE REVIEW!!! | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review


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Sagatiaej Morey says:

Nice video. It sort of looks like an electronic lighter. I just bought mine for $54. Convection typically doesn't have as much vape but is a better experience.

Francesca Sandoval says:

Just bought one and found your video. did you find that the mouthpiece got kinda hot?

jaredp17 says:

where is the CFX vape review for part 2

Jeremy Joiner says:

On some real shit your kinda cute

Damien Gallegos says:

add me on Facebook. your funny.
Dee Gee

GMT Supreme says:

Soundcloud . com/GMTSupreme

CamsJourney says:

What happened to the give away stuff ?

Caolan Leonard says:

How much a gram? Where you are ?

Bat moo says:

That fkin awesome getting one

Epic Danny Boy says:

You should have at least 100,000 subs not 22'000

Crazy Man 420 says:

Check out my vids

Dini Dahir says:

Lol vinivhair had been blocked from your snapchat. I still love you

Andrew Hernandez says:

yea did anyone win the giveaway???

Benita G. Castillo says:

momma dee😋💙

gene the genius says:

my other Half my heart beat deeva the deeva let's get it

Philip Smith says:

Nice vaporizer but who won the giveaway?

C & K TAKE L.A.! says:

Super cool…I've got to try!

Patrick Hill says:

i gotta try that

Angela Thomas says:

Love the new video Deeva 🙂

Dianne Richardson says:

i would give it a shot

dubstep25 jr says:

l like your video's😍😘

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