Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

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Out latest review is of the new Pulsar APX portable vaporizer, specifically a limited edition version which features artwork from acclaimed Oakland street artist Ras Terms. The APX is the first ever exclusive unit from Pulsar. It’s super lightweight and compact, and performs extremely well for how affordable it is.

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OR DIRECTLY FROM PULSAR HERE: www.pulsarvaporizers.com/

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Ace Couto says:

What's the Best temperature to vape bud

SIR LOIN says:

If John Candy and Ed Helms had a baby, it's be my man here.

Charlie says:

Man, I'm totally confused. I bought one of these yesterday and have been trying to figure out if it's working right or not. I have been smoking out of a bong for 30 years so I don't know what to expect from vaping. When I smoke out of it I see absolutely no smoke and I don't feel like I'm smoking anything because I barely feel it in my throat and lungs, like almost nothing at all. I do feel a little high but not as intense as with my bong. I've tried long, slow pulls and also pulling as hard as I can and it's the same either way. Am I doing something wrong here?

spinningTGIF says:

Smoke or not. Is it going to get me high either way

MJ C says:

Ahhh, my first vape unit. Got this an hour ago. Works like charm! Nuff said.

rick peryy says:

Hey i am a noob to herb vapes and wondering… So when its all heated up i just take drags whenever i want? will it start to burn if i go too long without a drag? what about too quick?

Tyler J says:

I got one of these and it worked for like a week and then now when I turn it on, the light that's supposed to turn green when its at the temp flashes and then the vape turns off… I seem to find nothing that addresses this problem on any website or manual.

Carmen Chellew says:

I purchased mine a couple of days ago. I have been trying to quit smoking via vaping, but haven't been successful switching over to the eCig I have, and felt like a vaporizer I can use with cigarette rolling tobacco would be a good middle step for me. I like to sing, and have noticed changes in my voice I don't like. I wanted something a little safer for my lungs and vocal cords, and less stinky than smoke, and I feel this is a step in the right direction.
I will tell you, tobacco has never tasted as good to me as it does in this Pulsar. It smells nice, too, like daddy's pipe. It is a little inconvenient for tobacco use, since you have to reload it after every few hits, but I can feel the effects of the nicotine, even though there is little, if any, vapor coming out on exhale.
If you're curious what the vaporizer holds tobacco-wise, it's about 1/3 a cigarette per load, and about as satisfying. Me, once I get to half a cigarette, I smoke the rest out of obligation.

Iudex Gundyr says:

Just picked one of these exact same ones about 60 min ago.Havent used it yet, hope its nothing but good news

Daniel Cowlin says:

This is the worst portable vape ever. I originally bought it for the flowers. After that first, it all tastes like burnt chestnuts. Shatter, wax (yes I have my card) all tastes the same. On top of it the battery holds next to zero charge. A total P.O.S. for $60 at the local vape store. An "affordable mistake". Dick sucking factor 89.9%.

ParAdØx Sk says:

how is this compared to Puffit 2 vape that lookd like the asthma inhaler thank you

TheCap319 says:

Is the battery life as garbage as everyone says? An hour and a half seems like plenty of time to finish a few bowls with your friends.

Dani says:

Anyone know if it can be used/adapted for hash?

FlawlesseXecutor says:

Battery is horrible lol

MrRampage100 says:

My herb is browning and I am tasting the bud, but am not getting any clouds?

Su Garfinkle says:

I've got one of these but I don't seem to get any smoke out of it – any suggestions?

Jeremy Hutchison says:

does it actually do e liquid or only wax? I'm confused it says dry wax and oil

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