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Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review by VapeGossip

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Just wanted to show you guys a vaporizer that is a bit less expensive than most of the vaporizers I usually show you! The vapor production is impressive and the unit is just so easy to use! This would be a great choice for first time vapers or for vapers who want something small and productive ! I love to bring this vape on the go – to parties or on the boat – because it is a quick unit that gives me the desired vape sesh that I am looking for and I am not too worried about losing it as I can purchase a new one for only $60. The Pulsar APX comes in many colors. Check out their website! Vape On

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chindoo says:

i want to give you a pearl neckless

Wats Doug says:

What a piece of crap i'v have four now and the heat element keeps falling out…total garbage..

keith williams says:

You're gorgeous 😍😍😍😘😘😘

Ale Silva says:

i see more your titits than the vape

Guggy says:

have it on the highest still no smoke

Mia V says:

vaporizer and titties 🐱

Sagatiaej Morey says:

It has bigger clouds than I would expect from a convection vape. I just purchased mine so I am checking out what other's think about there's. I have looked and looked for a vape that actually works as a 3 in 1. Most 3 in 1 vapes are total shit. I haven't heard a single complaint over this one.

Candy Mann says:

does this s.o.b. vaporizer vape wax like it says

Michael Hendler says:

I just want to let you know that your obvious ploy to titillate worked

Greg Hersey says:

Hey about how many sessions do you get on each full battery charge? My battery goes from green to yellow after about 2 sessions

Dessun says:

holy sheet that was funny. the exact moment you said "pretty impressive huh?" I was checking out your cleavage.

D Moneyz says:

Hey☺ thanks for responding.
I ordered it from vapornation..
I burned it a few times before
(recommended by they're customer service dept) it did not helpπŸ˜’ not only that, but I had to return it because it would get extremely hot at the highest temp. I was excited to try it!
maybe I'll try another one in the future.

D Moneyz says:

hi, did yours have a chemical smell out of the package?

Nocturnal Tunes says:

would you say this more efficient than burning or other devices? how long does a full chamber last?

Vaporizer Review says:

Nice review! We're big fans as well. There's always a place for an affordable little knock-around unit like the APX. Great for beginners who don't want to break the bank on their first foray into vaporization.

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