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Pulsar APX Wax Review – Vapesterdam

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Vapesterdam reviews the Pulsar APX Wax and gets big rips from this tiny terror. Reads on to learn more!

The Pulsar APX Wax is the concentrate counterpart to the Pulsar APX Herb. The herb unit has its own wax canister, but we recommend just springing for both the APX Herb and Wax if you’re into Pulsar gear. While the canister for the herb unit is basically useless, the APX Wax uses three coils to get mad clouds. Check out the Pulsar APX Wax review from Vapesterdam and see how it all goes down!

To find out more about the Pulsar APX Wax, check out the review here: vapesterdam.com/review/pulsar-apx-wax-review/

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