Pulsar Flow Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

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My first review video!!

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Kelly Hunter says:

I’ve smoked for many years using traditional methods like water pipes, pipe, joint etc but never used a vaporiser. I hate the grotty taste it leaves in your mouth and how dirty they are to clean. What would be your recommendation for a newbie who’s wanting to try a cleaner way to get high? Also do you ship internationally to Australia 🇦🇺? How much is the device?

Oli G says:

How much of a scent does it create?

Richard Sedivy says:

Great video, I like the looks of this product. If you do more review videos I would like to see you talk about the price range. 0-100$ 100-150$ and so forth. Also is the device convection heating, hybrid heating or conduction. It looks like this one is a convection but not sure. Maybe you could go over how the product feels quality wise, like the weight and feel of it. Are there temp controls? Does it have different settings at all? I think if you went through these things really fast it would make your reviews even better.
Awesome job, 🙂

jpratt2001623 says:

i recently purchased one and it seems to be harder to draw on than it was when i bought
it. i am a stickler with keeping it clean but do you have a recommendation on how to increase air flow

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