Pulsar GO Wax Vaporizer and Dry Herb Smoker

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Hey Everybody!! I’ve got a bit of a different device for us to take a look at today. this is the Pulsar Go and it is a wax / concentrate vaporizer and a dry herb smoker. By dry herb smoker I mean it combusts your weed. If you’re looking for a cannabis vape, this ain’t your jam…. BUT if you dig one hitters and pipes AND like concentrates, sit tight… this might be for you!!

The Go has a very simple design and at first glance is not all that different from most single temperature concentrate vapes. It has a very durable outer shell, a single button for on / off and fire functions and a three coil atomizer set up for wax and concentrates. As a concentrate vaporizer, the Go works great!! It produces fantastic tasting vapor that is surprisingly not too hot! I say surprisingly because of how close the chamber is to the mouthpiece that my expectation was that it would be hot but that wasn’t the case!

To use the Go as a smoker you need to switch out the coils for a flat chamber, a simple process that takes all of ten seconds. The chamber is small and holds about .2 of a gram. Once loaded, the smoker works the same as the wax vaporizer in that you hold down the fire button to make it go. I’d suggest priming the button for 3 – 5 seconds before you take your hit for best results!!

If you like the idea of a smoking device you don’t need fire for that also doubles as a solid concentrate vape then the Go is a solid choice! Heck, even if you into it just for the concentrate function you’d still be ahead of the game!!

For more information on the Pulsar GO checkout Pulsar’s website HERE – pulsarvaporizers.com

the beav says:

Great review I'm digging this one I would use that at the park or even work when I step out but I wonder about the battery life? All day usage is s must

Chuck Nicefield says:

Do you have to put a new dabs after eache 3-4puffs?

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