Pulsar Hand-E-Nail V2

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The Pulsar Hand-E Nail V2 dab rig is a colorful wax / oil vaporizer and perfectly portable! This bright rig has one-button operation, grade 2 Titanium and ceramic heating plate for quick heating, a super-strong borosilicate glass percolation chamber for smooth vapor; a magnetic base to keep the Hand-E Nail in a safe, upright position as you vape; a magnetic carb cap with a cool removable dab tool; and a 1-year warranty.

For more information following the link below.

The kit comes with a USB charging cord, and a stylish silver latching metal transport case.

The kit includes:

1 – Lithium-ion battery – 18650/2500mAh
1 – Magnetic stainless steel carb cap w/ removable dab tool
1 – USB charge cord
1 – Magnetic stand
1 – Grade 2 Titanium heating plate
1 – Ceramic heating plate
1 – Glass pipe attachment
1 – Gift box
1 – User manual
1-year end user warranty


– One touch heating
– 3-clicks on/off locking function
– Temperature ranges from 580°F – 980°F
– Titanium Nail Mode starting temp: approx 600°F, maximum temp: approx 930°F
– Ceramic Nail Mode starting temp: approx 580°F, maximum temp: approx 910°F

aaron green says:

How do you keep the mouthpiece from falling off after the unit is heated. You almost need 4 hands to use this thing.

Bee Gee says:

how do you replace the heating rod?

zoltan X says:

yay mine v2 is on its way , just ordered the quartz bowl for it also

colby hulme says:

Pulsar products are junk, and the customer service treated me like shit when I tried to get my Pulsar V2 hand enail replaced. I will never buy another one of their products again and I feel sorry for anyone else who wastes their money on Pulsar's shitty products.

Max Jones says:

I hear that tropico

Michael kassem says:

I have a question please

GreenRat Low says:

Let's see it in action

Gregory Mcwilliams says:

So far this device is awesome! hopefully the battery lasts! the 1 year warranty is nice as well! Would easily recommend all-in-one!

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